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5 Beer Glass Sizes in Australia Explained

Australians have cherished beer since the early 1800s, but understanding beer glass sizes in the land down under can be quite a challenge. Despite the country’s shift to the metric system in 1970, beer measurements have remained oddly inconsistent. From schooners to pints, and deciphering the millilitres in each, navigating Australian beer sizes can feel like an academic endeavour. Whether you’re preparing for an interstate footy trip or just looking to order with confidence, our comprehensive guide demystifies Australia’s diverse range of beer glass sizes.

Beer Glass Sizes in Australia By State

State1,140ml (40 fl oz)570ml (20 fl oz)425ml (14 fl oz)285ml (10 fl oz)
New South WalesJugPintSchoonerMiddy
Australian Capital TerritoryJugPintSchoonerMiddy
Western AustraliaJugPintSchoonerMiddy
South AustraliaJugImperial PintPintSchooner
Northern TerritoryJugPintSchoonerHandle
Table showing the names of popular beer sizes in Australia by State | Man of Many

Beer Glass Size Comparison in Australia

Comparison of all beer glass sizes in Australia
Comparison of all beer glass sizes in Australia | Image: Man of Many
Schooner 425 ml beer size in Australia
Schooner beer size in Australia | Image: Man of Many

1. Schooner Size – 425 ml

The size of a schooner glass is considered an incontrovertible fact in most of the country, with the average schooner ml measuring in at a respectable and thirst-quenching 425ml. Of course, adopting a universal glass size would make too much sense, so thankfully we have South Australia to ruin what would otherwise be a rare instance of Australian beer bonhomie.

Down there (and nowhere else in the world) 425ml is considered a pint. No wonder they call it the Wine State. Alas, the schooner vs pint debate wages on.

Size: 425ml (~14 fl oz)

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Pint 570 ml beer size in Australia
Pint beer size in Australia | Image: Man of Many

2. Pint Size – 570 ml

If you’ve been asking yourself ‘how big is a pint, really?’, you’ve got the Brits to thank. Arguably England’s greatest colonial export, the ol’ pint of beer is the heavyweight of Australian beer glasses. Based on a metric conversion of 20 imperial fluid ounces, the average pint size in Australia is 570ml, making it the slightly intimidating older brother to the more-popular schooner size, but seems to be gaining traction around the country.

It’s also one of the few beer sizes where South Australia almost manages to tow the party line, where it’s known as an imperial pint. So, next time somebody hits you with the ‘how many mls in a pint?’ pop quiz, you’ll be able to answer (90 per cent) confidently with 570ml.

Size: 570ml (~20 fl oz)

Pony 140 ml beer size in Australia
Pony beer size in Australia | Image: Man of Many

3. Pony Size – 140 ml

When it comes to beer sizes, Australia has some interesting names. If there’s anything more baffling than Australian glass sizes it’s the names of the sizes themselves, and the pony is no exception. The smallest of the conventional beer sizes, the pony can be found throughout most of mainland Australia and comes in at a quaint 140ml. It’s unlikely to make even the tiniest of equines tipsy, but at least it’s something.

Size: 140ml (~5 fl oz)
States: ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, WA

Pot/Middy 285 ml beer size in Australia
Pot/Middy beer size in Australia | Image: Man of Many

4. Pot/Middy Size – 285 ml

Also known as a ‘handle’ in the Northern Territory, a ‘seven’ in Tasmania, and a ‘schooner’ in South Australia (don’t ask), the pot of beer or middy truly is the beer-of-many-names. It’s standard-issue in Victoria, but will leave most beer-drinkers elsewhere in the country feeling a bit shortchanged.

Size: 285ml (~10 fl oz)
State: All of Australia (under various names)

Jug 1,140 ml beer size in Australia
Jug beer size in Australia | Image: Man of Many

5. Jug Size – 1,140 ml

The receptacle of choice for groups of mates, alcoholics or students looking for a cheap night out, the jug is the great leveller when it comes to Aussie beer sizes. Unlike other beer sizes, you can order a jug anywhere in the country safe in the knowledge you’ll be getting 1140ml (or 40 fluid ounces) of golden beer-y goodness.

Size: 1,140ml (~40 fl oz)
States: Anywhere in Australia (yes, even SA)

Poster of Beer Sizes in Australia
Beer Sizes in Australia Poster | Image: Morgan in Australia

Honourable (and dishonourable) Glass Size Mentions

Butcher 200 ml beer size in Australia
Butcher beer size in Australia | Image: Man of Many

Butcher Size – 200 ml (South Australia)

A fitting name for a beer size from the state that has made an absolute dog’s breakfast of following naming protocol, the butcher isn’t big enough to make any kind of impression, but also not small enough that it can be safely ignored. So kind of like South Australia then.

Small (Tasmania) 115 ml beer size in Australia
Small beer size in Australia | Image: Man of Many

Small Beer Size – 115 ml (Tasmania)

What this beer lacks in volume, it doesn’t make up for in originality of name, but there’s something charmingly prosaic about it.

Bobby/bobbie 170 ml beer size in Australia
Bobby/bobbie beer size in Australia | Image: Man of Many

Bobbie/Bobby Size – 170 ml (Western Australia)

When it comes to beer sizes, Australia has some funny names. WA has made a name for itself as one of the homes of Australian craft beer, but it’s evidently also the home of some unusual beer sizes as well. Not to be outdone by the Apple Isle, WA also has its own 115ml offering, in the form of the humble Shetland glass size.

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Beer Glass Sizes in Australia FAQ

What is a standard beer glass size?

The standard beer glass size varies by state and territory in Australia, but the size of a can of beer is generally between 330ml and 375ml everywhere in the country.

What size is a schooner of beer in Australia?

In Australia, a schooner beer glass is 425ml and is the most common beer size in NSW, but can also be found in Victoria and Western Australia.

What is the biggest-selling beer in Australia?

The best-selling beers in Australia are XXXX Gold, VB, Carlton Draught, Tooheys New and Tooheys Extra Dry, according to Nielsen.

How many ml in a pint?

In Australia, a pint of beer is generally 570ml, whereas in the UK it’s 568ml. In the US, a pint is 16 fluid ounces, or 473ml.

How big is an Australian pint?

Australian pints are 570ml in most of the country, apart from South Australia, where a pint is 425ml. In the rest of the country, this beer size is called a schooner.

How much is a pint of beer?

The price of a pint varies in Australia, but you’ll normally pay around $8-$12 a pint in Sydney and Melbourne, depending on the beer.