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Moet & Chandon Launch Valentine’s Day Gift Packages

In Partnership with Moët & Chandon

No name on the planet is more synonymous with joyous celebration than Moët & Chandon. From 1743 to now, the legendary champagne house has been bringing people together for massive occasions, precious moments, and everything in between. In honour of Valentine’s Day, they’ve introduced a luxurious and limited-edition gifting service called ‘With Love.’ Available in Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland, these brilliant gift packages are eye-popping in presentation, curated to perfection, and hand-delivered on February 14th.

Packages are very limited only available until the 11th of February. 

Moët & Chandon

We need not remind you of Moët & Chandon’s unique place in the culture as a symbol of both quality and prestige, but we’ll do it anyway. An absolute fixture at weddings, special occasions, high-profile events, and in romantic movies, their iconic heritage dates all the way back to 18th-century tastemaker Marquise de Pompadour. Mistress of Louis XV of France and lover of Moët & Chandon, she once declared, “Champagne is the only wine in the world that makes every woman beautiful.” Jump ahead to Hailey and Justin Bieber, who selected a personalised bottle when they recently tied the knot. And so the legacy lives on.

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‘With Love’ Gifting Service

Moët & Chandon are making this Valentine’s Day one for the ages as only they know how. Their limited-edition ‘With Love’ service comes available in two tiers of lavish gift packages, which will be hand-delivered by Champagne Concierge on February 14th (in a nod to Parisian tradition). This is the kind of curated gift experience that only a master can provide and it’s every bit as romantic as it sounds. Choose between the following gift packages:

‘With Love’ Glamour Package

Limited to just 80 packages per city, this exclusive gift set includes a special bottle of Moët & Chandon Rosé Imperial with the words ‘With Love’ in gold calligraphy. The bottle is presented inside a custom Moët & Chandon keepsake gift box, with a bouquet of pink and white florals literally pouring out the sides. A hand-written note in gold calligraphy makes for the perfect finishing touch. Speaking of unforgettable impressions, each Glamour Package will be hand-delivered by Moët & Chandon’s Champagne Concierge service on February 14th. Celebrations don’t get more romantic than this. -AU $270.00

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‘With Love’ Grandeur Package

When only the most luxurious gift will suffice, look no further than the stunning Grandeur Package. It features an extremely rare and personalised Magnum bottle of Moët & Chandon Rosé Imperial. And it’s not just the bigger size that makes it impressive, this larger format bottle also improves the champagne’s ability to age (presuming it lasts that long). Sticking with the ‘bigger is better’ theme, Moët & Chandon housed the bottle inside an oversized custom gift box, which is overflowing with a hand-finished bouquet of lush pink and white florals (including delilahs, roses, and hydrangeas). Your words of love appear on a hand-written note in gold calligraphy, thereby sealing the deal. And if that wasn’t enough, each of the Grandeur Packages will also include two hard-to-find Moët Rosé goblets to toast to this bottle and the many more to come. Limited to just 20 packages per city, this incredible gift set will be hand-delivered by Moët & Chandon’s Champagne Concierge service on February 14th. -AU $450.00

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day ‘With Love’

Moët & Chandon have been sharing the magic of champagne for over three centuries, so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about romance. Their exclusive gifting service strikes a perfect balance between sentimentality and luxury and envelopes her ‘With Love‘ (hence the name). The white-gloved delivery service draws upon a Parisian tradition—whereby bell boys at the great hotels would hand-deliver gifts—and injects an extra special touch. Put it all together and you have the perfect opportunity to knock her socks off this Valentine’s Day. And once her socks are off, there’s no telling where things can go from there (we kid, we kid)…

Moët & Chandon’s ‘With Love‘ gifting service is available in Sydney, Melbourne, and Auckland. The Glamour Package is limited to 80 per city and the Grandeur Package is limited to just 20 per city. In other words: get on it!

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