Change The Workplace with the Take Aim Cornhole Coffee Table

Some workplace inventions went on to change everything. The typewriter obviously comes to mind, and then the desktop computer, making the workplace way more efficient (but perhaps increasing the work that needed to be done). The water cooler is another one, making it easy for workers to hydrate and talk about the episode of “insert television show name here” that aired the previous night. And these brilliant inventions don’t come around too often—which is why the Natural Ash Take Aim Coffee Table may be so special.

aim cornhole coffee table

Not only is this table a sleek, well-designed table made from solid veneer ashwood, it also folds down on one side to become an American Cornhole Association approved cornhole board, allowing it to go from workspace to playspace in mere seconds. Eight bean bags are included as well, and there is a drawer built into the table to hold all these bags when work actually needs to be done. And as for the hole in the board? When the table becomes a table again, a round piece of wood fits snugly into the hole, with a hole of it’s own cut into it: the power cord on a laptop or lamp.

Now that’s truly inspired, workplace-changing design. For the better, we think.

Check it out

cushions on table

aim cornhole coffee table and cushion

coffee table cushion for feet

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