Keep the Ancient Tradition with Stov Indoor Fire Pit

The Stov Indoor Fire Pit, brought to market by Springtime, keeps alive the tradition of gathering around the fire for warmth, comfort, and sociality. The fire pit as a gathering place is so steeped in human history that it’s very nearly a part of our genetic make-up. We naturally gather to those warm spots where we feel safer and closer to each other. The danger being that fires are not healthy—for ourselves or the environment. Additionally, fires are inherently dangerous, despite their beauty and usefulness. Stov solves those problems.

stov indoor fire pit  hiconsumption

The Stove Indoor Fire Pit is a welcome addition to your eclectic design tastes. It’s small and simple, and when not on, it looks like a small table or even an piece of modern art. Plug it in and Stov provides 360 degree, 500 watts heat. The heat is provided through far-infrared technology. This type of heat is the same heat you feel from the sun or a fire—even from your own body. In a centrally heated house, you’ll still have cold spots because the heating system warms the air rather than the objects in the house. Far-infrared radiates the heat, directly heating those objects, making your furniture and even the walls warmer. With this type of heat, you can turn down the furnace and gather around Stov, saving you money on your bills. Stov only uses about half the electricity of a traditional electric heater.

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springtime stov indoor fire pit

springtime stov modern indoor fire

stove indoor fire pit view

springtime stov modern indoor fire pit

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