Marshall’s Mini Fridge Goes to 11

Marshall has created an iconic look with its speakers. You can easily recognize Marshalls split design and the black fret cloth, white piping, and white Marshall logo. What you may not know, however, is that same design lends itself surprisingly well to mini fridges, and the speaker giant has launched a line of mini fridges using that design.

inside view Marshall Bar Fridge

The fridge comes in two variations, a medium capacity bar fridge with 3.2 cubic feet of space priced at $349.99 and a high capacity version with 4.4 cubic feet of space priced at $479.99. The fridges look just like rock and roll’s most famous ramp, right down to the knobs that go to 11. Of course, the knobs, which are labeled presence, bass, middle, treble, master, and preamp, don’t actually control anything, but their inclusion helps to sell the appearance. A brass finished faceplate completes the look. On the inside, branded glass shelves continue the theme. The door rack holds two-liter bottles and offers convenient can storage to keep your brews cold and your band happy.

Marshall Bar Fridge door open

“We’ve been thrilled and surprised by the phenomenal amount of interest this fridge has generated,” said Jon Ellery, Marshall’s Managing Director. “After we were approached about the concept, we conducted some extensive market research and decided the fridge would be a great item to produce. We premiered a prototype at the Frankfurt Music Show last year and the reaction was overwhelming!” You can pick up the “ultimate combination of rock and refrigeration” on Marshall’s site.

Marshall Fridge

Marshall sums up the new product offering pretty well by stating that “the coolest icon in music just got cooler.” The same could go for your man-cave. Add one of these mini fridges and you’ll have the final element to make your hangout the place to be.

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Marshall Bar mini Fridge

Marshall Bar Fridge side view