So Long Baristas. Good Morning Nespresso VertuoPlus

VertuoPlus is the advanced model of Nespresso’s popular coffee maker, featuring a new design and range of colours to complement your kitchen while brewing that crema or espresso.

VertuoPlus can brew a full range of coffee sizes, from a tall mug to a shot of espresso and everything in between. We’re talking Alto 414ml, Mug 230ml, Gran Lungo 50ml and Espresso 40ml. VertuoPlus stands over the standard Vertuo machine with its removable 1.7L water tank and electrical open and close. You can grab one of these morning essentials from $299.

Vertuo uses Nespresso’s latest “centrifusion” technology to rotate capsules up to 7000 RPM so extraction lengths can fit larger mugs. Also, the Reverso feature adds a dash of milk to the mug before extracting coffee over the top, delivering a smooth, indulgent and creamy texture without the need for additional milk frothing.

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There’s a selection of over 20 coffees blends to choose from, so everyone can brew the ideal cup at the touch of a button. Each of the Vertuo pods has a unique barcode which is read by the VertuoPlus machine to ensure the perfect extraction length for that brew.

Nespresso is currently running a sweet deal where you can score $80-off a VertuoPlus machine. All you have to do is purchase online before January 31st 2019, and the discount is automatically added during checkout. The perfect cup of coffee has never been more convenient or affordable than right now.

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