BSTN and Jordan Partner Up on a Custom Ducati 916 Concord Motorcycle

Did you know that not only is Michael Jordan one of the greatest basketball players ever, but he’s also a huge fan of motorcycle racing? Well, if you didn’t, then the new BSTN and Jordan collaboration on a Ducati 916 Concord motorcycle should be proof enough.

evening view bstn x motorbike ducati 916

The bike was inspired by the recent release of the Air Jordan 11 Concord. BSTN, based out of Germany, paired with the Jordan Brand to create the bike. Customization workshop IMPULS was tapped to transform a Ducati 916. The build used 3D-printed parts to better replicate the different elements of the Air Jordan 11’s design.

bstn x motorbike ducati 916 side view

After scanning the bike, NeQu designed and digitally built a fuel tank and a metal fuel cell while also revamping the fairing and front lights. Just like the shoes, the custom bike has a black and white colourway, including the engine, which was whited out. You’ll also find a list of some of Jordan’s accomplishments alongside the lyric to Jay-Z’s “back like 45” laser-engraved on the brake discs and wheels. The handlebars are of clear rubber, reminiscent of the shoes’ outsoles, and the seat is made to look like the uppers of the Concords.

Check it out

jordan ducati concord motorcycle helmet