Go Anywhere with the Custom Royal Enfield Himalayan by Smoked Garage

With a name like “Himalayan”, you’d expect this a bike to be ready to go just about anywhere, and that’s exactly what Bali-based Smoked Garage put together with their custom Royal Enfield.

Before you’re ready to go anywhere, you need to make sure that you have the proper suspension; Smoked Garage reworked the stock 41mm forks of the Himalayan SG-411, going with a 43mm Showa variant and an Ohlins monoshock with a remote reservoir linked to the custom swingarm. New wheels, with spokes that have been hidden by carbon-coated covers, were also added.

In the front there are 18 x 2.50 and in the back, 14 x 5.00, both shod in Dunlop K180 tires. Being ready to go anywhere doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t want to stop at some point, so Smoked Garage added new Nissin four-piston callipers alongside the custom machined triples and carbon fork guards.

The bodywork harkens back to Royal Enfield’s military background. The vision was that of a jet fighter, and the streamlined body does just that. The dark Army Green paint job continues that look and feel.

The Himalayan isn’t a wallet buster, which is a good thing since you’ll be tempted to take this bike on all sorts of adventures to the middle of anywhere-you-please.

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