Hookie Yard Built Yamaha xsr700 is Well Named

This year’s Yamaha Yard Build is going to see some pretty impressive builds, but one in particular will stand out for several reasons, not the least of which for being aptly named. Hookie Co. put together a bike that they called the “Grasshopper,” and the bike looks the part with a thick middle that gets elongated in the back.

The handlebars even do a fair impression of antennae.

brake handle yamaha

Of course, the bike will also be quite the jumper. Based on 17-inch wheels with Pirelli MT60 tires, the customised Yamaha xsr700 features a handmade aluminium tank set on the original, un-touched frame and chassis. The seat is also made of aluminium, and uses the original holders (though a new mounting plate had to be made).

Up front, a handmade aluminium lamp mask slides directly over the front fork. Hookie Co. added in a Gilles brake and clutch lever, a seat cover made from waterproof Alcantara, Motogadget glassless rear view mirrors, and an SC-Project exhaust system.

headlight yamah

For the rear lights, Hookie Co. went innovative, using a 3D printed acrylic part that has three fins. Inside the part are the turn signals, taillight, and brake light.

yamaha hookie wheel

All in all, it’s a bike that looks ready to bound down any trail, hopping through and over obstacles—just like its name implies.

Check it out

yamaha tank

backlight yamaha motorcycle

sideview yamaha motorcycle