Make Your Great Escape with the Triumph Bonneville Green Legend

FCR Original has put together a Triumph Bonneville Green Legend that pays tribute to the legendary ’70s scrambler, which was made famous by silver screen icon Steve McQueen in the movie The Great Escape.

men standing beside triumph bonneville green legend

FCR’s take on the bike first catches your eye with the gas tank, which has been painted with the iconic British Racing—which may have contributed to the choice of names for the motorcycle. It’s not just the colour that evokes a racing feel. The “#7” decals on the bike also give it a feel like it is meant for the track. FCR also stripped down any unnecessary weight from the bike, making it leaner and faster. The frame and swingarm were taken down to the bare metal. The upholstery was updated with custom leather work from Proust Sellerie. The bike also features twin factory suspensions for added comfort. The exhaust is completely custom, measured to fit with exactness.

The Triumph Bonneville Green Legends is the kind of bike that calls out to you, inviting you to make an escape from the drudgery of every day. It’s no wonder that McQueen grabbed one for himself while trying to make his own escape.

Check it out

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