Moto Adonis Turns the Ducati S4R Slick and Brutal

“My loyal customer and friend Stijn came to me with the desire to own a one-off, futuristic café racer,” says Daan Borsje, the founder of the Dutch customization shop Moto Adonis. “I also had a desire: to build a custom based on one of the most brutal and best steering motorcycles I have ever ridden, the Ducati S4R.” The result of that wish and that desire is a custom bike that is “brutal, slick, and with a nice ‘flow.’”

ducati s4r motorbike custom build

Making the bike unique meant looking to other sources for ideas. Other bikes and even cars were used, but for truly out-of-the-box thinking, Moto Adonis turned to whales to inspire the shape of the gas tank. The upper frame was reconfigured to hold the combined tank and seat. Fork covers were installed to provide room for electrical parts and lights over the original 43mm USD Showa forks. A louvered nacelle was added to the front with lights designed for both long, dark roads and busy streets. Below the tank and seat piece is a new air box, battery holder, and a Motogadget m.unit blue control box.

ducati s4r motorbike

The rear of the bike was upgraded with a new Wilbers monoshock in black and gold. The brakes were also upgraded to go along with the new 17-inch Kineo rims. Daan ended up having to remove the radiator “because it was way too big. So we redesigned and re-engineered the radiator to be as small as possible.” Daan also used his experience creating exhausts for Harley, BMW, and Yamaha to create a custom exhaust system for the S4R.

dutch courage moto adonis tackles the ducati s4r motorbike

“I give my cars and bikes names,” says Stijn. “This bike needed the name DUC92—because 1992 was the year the Monster was introduced.” The work took its toll, but the payoff was well worth it. “It was hell to build this bike,” Daan shares. “But on the first ride, when I hit the throttle…there was nothing better than that feeling. Except perhaps the look on Stijn’s face when he did the same thing!”

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ducati s4r motorbike wheel

ducati s4r motorbike front

ducati s4r motorbike back view

man riding ducati s4r motorbike