Neuga Motorcycles Explore the Possibilities of a Yamaha TR1

You wouldn’t expect a garage of BMX fanatics to necessarily come up with a custom motorcycle, but Budapest-based Neuga Motorcycles did just that with their Yamaha TR1 “981.” The bike started as a commission from Hungary’s best known interior designer, Peter Szendro, so you know that everything had to be spot on.

dark and luxurious neuga yamaha tr1

Neuga started the project by looking at the 75-degree V-twin engine. They completely refurbished it, swapping out parts and changing everything, including the rings, oil pump, cam chains, camshafts, gaskets, and o-rings. The cylinder head was also refurbished, and everything received a thorough polishing. Neuga didn’t stop with the engine. They also upgraded the frontend, adding in a Yamaha R1 setup with an extra 100mm on top. Neuga also used wider rims so that they could get beefier tires on the bike. The backend was redone, and a custom seat was added so that they lines of the gas tank could be continued.

back view neuga yamaha tr1

The bike is a solid black, with the exception of the chrome on the engine and the gold of the front end and the chain. The conservative color scheme lends a menacing quality to the bike, making it an eye-catching and head-turning work of art.

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tr1 yamaha motorcycling on the road