No Lasers, but Still a Speeder Hoverbike

It’s an iconic moment from the Star Wars films. Luke and Leia get into a high speed chase with Imperial Stormtroopers on speeder bikes. Even though the scene was the stuff of science fiction, there’s always been the touch of hope that someday we might see a bike like that. Californian company JetPack Aviation is claiming that that day is today. They are currently seeking pre-orders for the Speeder, “the world’s first flying motorcycle.”

Speeder Hoverbike

The Speeder uses four individual turbojet engines to produce a maximum 705 pounds of thrust. The bike can reach a maximum height of 15,000 feet, can carry up to 240 pounds, and has a 150 mile per hour top speed. Kerosene, JetA, or diesel can be used as fuel for the bike, and it can be run for between 10 to 22 minutes. The Speeder looks less like a motorcycle and more like a snowmobile, and unlike the Imperial speeders, there aren’t any laser guns mounted to the front. From the video, it looks like you might be able to pair the bikes, allowing you to pilot one and load another with any gear needed for your destination. The bikes then ride together—kind of like a horse and pack mule.

Speeder Hoverbike side view

The video uses computer-generated images for the bike, so there’s no way to really know for sure exactly what you’re getting. But if you have a spare $10,000, you could be one of only 20 people who will be able to pre-order a bike.

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