Panache Customs Recruits the Bushidan for New Bikes

Between 795 and 1185 CE, there was a revival of interest in Japanese culture and art that resulted in a golden age for the imperial court. Out of this time of heightened interest rose Japan’s first military government. This new government wasn’t met by everyone with enthusiasm, and in order to suppress revolts, clans of bushi warriors were organized. These clans protected and defended territories, and soon became known as the Bushidan. Eventually, the samurai would come out of this era. Working as a team, the Bushidan were nearly invincible, with no single part being greater than the whole. Invoking that name and that ideal, Panache Customs has created the Bushidan Series from their Kawasaki W650 project.

Panache Customs Bushidan Series

Panache subjected the Kawasaki W650 to a long list of modifications and customizations. In the end, the only original parts remaining are the engine, the swingarm, and only part of the frame. Keeping the engine was a good choice, given that the Kawasaki W650 already had a parallel-twin retro-styled motor first introduced in 1999. The motor harkens back to a strong tradition popularized in the ‘60s and ‘70s with the W1, W2, and W3 models. Panache also added in a Moto Guzi V7 tank, giving the W650 a more modern vibe. The engine has been upgraded with Lectron carbs, giving the bike better throttle response as well as more power. The added Uni filters also received 3D-printed filter covers. For a more personalized ride, the WP fork and K-tech shocks can be adjusted based on your weight and riding style. Brembo calipers were installed for better stopping power. The bike is available in four exclusive liveries created in collaboration with French designer Remy Roland.

Grey Panache Customs Bushidan Series

The power of a noble tradition is definitely on display in the Panache Customs Bushidan Series. If you want to make your own mark on that history, you’ll need to move quickly as the Bushidan is limited to just five units. The bike is priced at $46,500.

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