Bsa enduro bike

Restored 1967 BSA B441 Victor Enduro Race Replica

The British Small Arms company or BSA, was once one of the most influential British motorcycle manufacturers during the 1970s. However, the brand quickly faded out in the late 1970s. Fortunately, it has remained popular with collectors and enthusiasts.

United States-based custom builder Steve Bright is one of BSA’s biggest enthusiasts. He converted a 1968 BSA B441 Victor Enduro into factory racer replica. He completely stripped down the bike and powder-coated the frame in metallic silver so that it looks like titanium. A Preston Petty fender bracket was used to attach the front fender to the frame. Custom alloy supports were used to attach a new plastic oval number plate.

The aluminium tank was restored back to its original glorious finish. It was polished and sprayed with PPG paint. BSA decals were added next. The execution of this is perfect. It looks great from nearly every angle. A C15 Trials seat was sourced for this racer. This seat was common with many racers in the 1970s.

The front forks are rebuilt Ceriani 35mm MX. The original A & A aluminium unit was used for the swingarm. The rear shocks are 3.25-inch Boge Milholland. Since the original 20-inch tires are difficult to locate, A 21-inch unit was paired with stainless Buchanan spokes and a 1970s Husqvarna hub.

Steve Bright did all of the machining work on the engine himself. The stock items were broken and damaged so he replaced the cylinder and head. The head received a fresh set of valves and newly ground valve seats. A new set of gaskets were added. For the final touch, a coat of GM stain black engine paint was slapped on.

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