Sinroja Hits Up Royal Enfield for a Continental GT Racer

It’s nice to have friends—of course, it also helps to have a solid reputation of creating world-class works. When custom motorcycle shop Sinroja was looking to get into the European Sultans of Sprint race in the Factory class, they reached out Royal Enfield. The two had already partnered on a previous project, and Royal Enfield was only too happy to lend a hand.

royal enfield continental gt custom motorbike

Adrian Sellers, Royal Enfield’s Industrial Design head honcho, brought a new Continental GT 650 to the collaboration. The bike had to both look good and go fast—it would be competing with a nitrous-powered BMW 1250, a nitrous-powered Indian Scout, and a supercharged 200-plus horsepower Harley-Davidson. Unfortunately, the Continental GT 650 came with a 648 cc parallel twin that put out 47 horsepower. How to compensate for the lack of power was the question, and the answer was to make the bike as light and powerful as possible. With the help of S&S Cycle, the Sinroja team was able to strip the bike down to just 150 kilos. S&S Cycle also provided custom pistons and sleeves that had been bored down to 750 cc. New injectors, cams, and an ECU helped boost performance even more. But the bike was still lacking. Enter Trevor Langfield from Wizard of NOS. Langfield equipped the bike with a dry nitrous system.

royal enfield continental gt bike

In order to meet the weight goal, Sinroja replaced the front end of the bike with a front end from a modern sport bike. That new front end helped to tighten up the bike’s presence. They also removed the GT’s original rear suspension, replacing it with a custom hardtail made of Reynolds tubing. Their obsession with weight cutting even led the team to replacing all the nuts and bolts with lighter versions—miraculously cutting an additional 2 kilos.

Sinroja motorbike seat

All that work paid off with the bike earning gold at the Punks Peak Hill Climb at Wheels and Waves. For the Sultans of Sprint race, the bike narrowly missed the podium, coming in a close fourth.

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Sinroja Royal Enfield Continental GT