The Lazareth Flying Bike Project Goes by Ground or Air

The concept has always been the stuff of science fiction and comic books. The super spy of the Marvel Universe, Nick Fury, drove a car that, with the push of a button, would rotate its wheels so that they would become jet propulsion units that pushed the car into the sky. Such things were deemed fantasy and dream.

But technology is slowly catching up with those comic book visionaries. The Lazareth Flying Bike Project is proof.

flying bike

The bike looks very much like any other motorcycle with the exception of having four wheels—two in the front and two in the back. The wheels are close enough together that at first glance you may miss that they are actually separate. Still, even with noticing that there are actually four wheels, the bike still looks to be a grounded vehicle. But with the push of a button, the wheels rotate out, revealing a jet turbine with a collective 1,300 horsepower.

That’s enough to send the bike skyward for a 10-minute flight. When you’re ready to be back on the ground again, just push the button and the bike becomes a fully functional road bike again. A 10-minute flight may seem like it’s too short to accomplish much, but consider that it might be enough time for you to go over a traffic jam, and the applications seem worth the investment. What’s more, it’s a giant step toward personal flight vehicles being available to more than just agents of SHIELD.

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Lazareth Flying Bike Project