The Venier Tractor 05 Reveals the Potential of the Guzzi

The Venier Tractor 05 shows what a little bit of vision and hard work can accomplish, especially when building off of an already great platform like the Moto Guzzi. Starting with the V7’s 744cc engine, which has an output of 52 horsepower and 44 pound feet of torque, the Guzzi is already plenty of what you’re looking for. Venier took the base and added its own twist. Venier elongated and reshaped the tank. They also redid the leather seat by hand, adding in a recessed LED tail light. The seat sits on the new rear fender. The 4-inch headlight is mounted on the black handle bars via custom brackets. A GPS cusom speedo with the Venier logo adds onto the list of new grips, handmade aluminum sides and front fender. The exhaust was made especially for the Tractor 05 by Mass Moto in Sicily. The aluminum adjustable suspension is from Ikon while the knobby tires are from Continental. The head covers are vintage.

venier tractor 05 reveals motorcycle feature

Venier didn’t necessarily customize the bike as much as the redesigned it to match what their vision of a Moto Guzzi Scrambler should be. Considering just how much work went into the bike, especially all the handmade aluminum work that Venier is known for, that statement is just about right—and now, so is that Moto Guzzi Scrambler.

Check it out

venier tractor 05 reveals motorcycle meter view

venier tractor 05 reveals motorcycle back light

venier tractor 05 reveals motorcycle exhaust pipe

venier tractor 05 reveals motorcycle engine

venier tractor 05 reveals motorcycle front

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