UMC-063 ZERO XP is a Successful Experiment

According to UMC (Untitled Motorcycle), “The ZERO XP is an experimental electric motorcycle that explores the future of motorcycle design.” This is one experiment that was completely successful.

Zero XP Experimental electrical motorcycle

The ZERO XP uses Zero Motorcycles’ 2019 SR/F—one of if not the best electric motorcycles on the market today. UMC updated the look of the Zero with handcrafted bodywork. Mixed into that bodywork you’ll find CNC-machined controls and some pretty innovative lighting. For the powertrain, UMC turned to machined aerospace-grade aluminium to hold the batteries, charger, and motor. That motor is a Zero ZF75-10 102v, 900A electric motor with a clutchless direct drive.

zero motorcycles design wheel

The design work on this bike wasn’t just about showing what could be done, but rather to point the world to what the future holds. “This isn’t about novelty for novelty’s sake, or some nostalgic idea of the future,” said Hugo Eccles from UMC. “The goal is to celebrate this unique riding experience through an entirely new function-led aesthetic. If the ZERO XP looks futuristic, it’s because electric motorcycles like the SR/F are the future.”

zero experimental electrical motorcycle top view

Zero Motorcycles is leading the way into that future, as Eccles mentioned, with their SR/F. The motorcycle company began as a startup just 10 years ago in a Santa Cruz garage. The SR/F is the company’s latest bike, and it’s a performer. The 14.4kW motor can create 140 ft-lbs of torque, which is nearly 40 percent more torque than what a Ducati Panigale can do, and has 110 horsepower. Speed for the SR/F tops out at 124 miles per hour. The lithium-ion battery provides a 200 mile maximum range, and features rapid charge, which can charge at a rate of 38 miles of ranger per charging hour. This is definitely the bike of the future, and UMC has come up with the looks to match.

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