Ural Air Bike and Sidecar Take a Peek over the Horizon

Ural bikes have a reputation of being rough and ready, capable of taking on any terrain. But even this hardcore bikes can’t get to every spot on this planet, nor can they tell you what’s coming up next—at least that used to be the case. Ural Air gives a new perspective to your motorcycle adventure.

front view ural air bike

Air is a combination of a bike and a sidecar. But this isn’t just a traditional partnership. Yes, there is space for a passenger in the sidecar, but there’s more to that companion piece than just an extra seat. The sidecar features a specially designed compartment on its nose. At the push of a button, this compartment opens to reveal a DJI Spark drone.

The controller for the drone is attached to the sidecar with a custom RAM mount. Just slide in your smartphone and you’re ready to send the drone out to see what’s over the hill, or what’s out of your reach.

ural air bike engine

Only 40 total units will be built of the Ural Air. The bike and sidecar come with a metallic slate grey finish and an all black powertrain. The sidecar comes with a mounted spare, and the bike comes in a standard on-demand two-wheel drive. As a bonus, the Air also includes a windsock on a selfie stick to better gauge flying conditions.

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tank view ural air bike

top view air ural bike and sidecar

wheel view air ural bike

back view ural air bike