Walt Siegl’s Custom Electric Motorcycle, the Alta Redshift

Walt Siegl, who is well known for his custom bike builds, is venturing into the world of electric motorcycles with his first-ever custom electric bike, the Alta Redshift PACT.

alta redshift engine for electric motorcycle

The Alta Redshift PACT comes with an interesting backstory. A few years ago, Siegl met Mike Mayberry, the founder of Ronin Motorcycles, the company perhaps best known for the limited edition Buell 1125-based Ronin 47. Mayberry was hoping to acquire Siegl’s recent project, the Bol d’Or.

The pair spoke over the phone a few times, eventually realising that they shared a vision in terms of motorcycle design. They also had a shared interest in electrification. With so much in common, it only made sense that they collaborate on a project. That project, dubbed “Mike’s Pact,” was the Alta Redshift PACT.

alta redshift custom e-motorcycle back view

Mike’s Pact makes use of the Alta Redshift drivetrain, making the custom electric bike good for 50 horsepower. The motor is liquid-cooled and weighs only 15 pounds. It’s powered by a 5.8 kWh li-ion battery that can be recharged in just three hours using a standard 120v socket. The bike has a very traditional dirt bike vibe to its design, and Siegl promises that the experience of riding it is absolutely singular.

“There is no sound other than the wind,” says Siegl. “It’s the next best thing to flying. I feel like I enjoy riding even more, because it happens in silence.”

alta redshift first ever custom electric motorcycle

Siegl feels pretty strongly that electric bikes are the future, and will be the best way to get the next generation into riding motorcycles. “I think that electric bikes have a strong future,” states Siegl. “Young people embrace the romance and fun of traveling on two wheels. Newcomers don’t have the reference to combustion engines, so they won’t miss them.”

As for the older generation, Siegl has some advice for them as well. “I think all of us dyed-in-the-wool motorcycle riders should at least try an electric bike to form an opinion. I’m fully aware that electric-powered technology is not the final answer to our planet’s pollution problems, but I see it at least as a step in the right direction.” If you’re ready to give the Alta Redshift PACT a try, you’ll want to move fast as only six will be made.

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