Zero Motorcycles Jumps into Touring with their DSR Black Forest Edition

The challenge electric motorcycles face is range. Zero Motorcycles takes on that challenge with their DSR Black Forest Edition. The electric motorcycle is a dual sport version based on the DSR model, which features Zero’s direct drive Z-Force powertrain. It’s capable of 70 horsepower and 157Nm of torque, and it can reach a top speed of 102 miles per hour. Performance can be optimized using Zero’s mobile app. As far as the touring aspect goes, the bike comes with a number of optional accessories that you would expect on a touring bike, such as black aluminum panniers, a touring windscreen and seat, handlebar guards, LED auxiliary lights, and a head light protector. You can also opt to have Zero’s Charge Tank added on, which improves charging speed by up to six times.

zero dsr black forest edition motorcycle front

But it’s the range that is the real question. According to Zero, the motorcycle is capable of 163 city miles or 78 miles at motorway speeds. The Europe-only model uses Level II charging stations, which are becoming more and more ubiquitous throughout Europe. Even with an increase of the number of charging stations, only 78 miles at motorway speeds isn’t that impressive. But the higher city miles suggests that a judicious use of the bike’s capabilities will extend that duration. Long trips at high speeds may not be possible, but as a commuter this bike will more than meet your needs.

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zero dsr black forest edition motorcycle angle view

zero dsr black forest edition motorcycle back

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