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23 Best Australian Mid-Strength Beers | Man of Many

Queensland’s own Great Northern frequently delivers impeccable mid-strength beer, and this one is no exception. True to its name, the brand’s Super Crisp Lager is super crisp indeed. With its low alcohol percentage and lean calorie count, it’s the kind of beer you can drink anytime, anywhere. Don’t roll up to the next barbecue without a six-pack, if not a whole case.

1. Great Northern Super Crisp Lager

Despite its lower ABV, Little Bling IPA offers nearly just as much flavour as its stronger counterpart, the beloved Bling IPA. Swirling within its semi-dark body is a deft balance of hop bitterness and malt taste, making this some of the best mid-strength low carb beer that Australia can muster. You did good, Bridge Road, you did good.

2. Bridge Road Brewers Little Bling IPA

Rich flavour and deep complexity are not two things you might normally associate with mid-strength beer, and yet this craft ale delivers both in spades. With every full-bodied sip comes an assortment of subtle, but impressive flavours, including hazelnut and caramel. You might think it’s too good to be true, but don’t let that stop you from drinking it.

3. Little Creatures Rogers’ Amber Ale

One of Australia’s best mid-strength beers comes from one of the nation’s best breweries. That brewery goes by the name of Colonial and it began as a small operation in Western Australia before relocating to Port Melbourne. For the aptly named Small Ale, Colonial took its popular IPA and made a few tweaks to the alcohol content. In turn, you get notes of caramel malt and citrus along with a soft underbelly of hoppy bitterness.

4. Colonial Brewing Co. Small Ale

One look at a can of Throwback IPA and you’re already gearing up for another barbie. Just beyond the bright label design is a light-bodied middy, which pairs hoppy bitterness and malt flavour with subtle blasts of citrus and pine. It comes to us from Pirate Life, a craft brewery that went from the little leagues to the big leagues in what seemed like no time at all.

5. Pirate Life Brewing Throwback IPA

One of the best-selling beers in Australia, XXXX Gold makes for a surprisingly solid sipper. Should you live in Queensland, in particular, you’ve likely thrown down more of these bad boys than you can possibly count. Brewed using Australian malt, barley, and golden cluster hops, it comes in smooth and carries a sweet edge before leaving a trail of light bitterness in its wake.

6. XXXX Gold

Available in either bottle or can, Carlton Mid is another crisp middy of indisputably broad appeal. A recent drop from 3.5% to 3.0% ABV has drawn a fair amount of criticism, but on the bright side, this beer is arguably smoother than ever before…you know, the way water is smooth. As a result of a unique double-hopped brewing process, it still brings the flavour. Is it the best mid-strength beer in Australia? Probably not. But we have 23 slots to fill!

7. Carlton Mid

Between its supremely low carb count, mid-strength ABV, and affordable price tag, Hahn SuperDry 3.5% makes for a sound choice among body-conscious and budget-conscious drinkers alike. Carefully brewed using premium ingredients, it delivers the same bold taste as the popular SuperDry. Consume in moderation and you just might lose that beer gut once and for all.

8. Hahn SuperDry 3.5%

It might not be a craft beer per se, but a lot of craftsmanship goes into every bottle or can of Coopers Mild Ale. Sharing DNA with the brand’s signature ales, it balances smooth malt character with a trifecta of hops, and features no added sugar or preservatives. Crisp and light by design, this one is also quite flavourful.

9. Coopers Mild Ale

The name pretty much says it all: Pure Blonde Ultra Low Carb Lager. To break things down a bit further, this refreshing mid-strength lager has 80% fewer carbs than regular beer and 50% fewer calories than wine per ml. Scorching summer days aren’t complete without it.

10. Pure Blonde Ultra Low Carb Lager

Don’t want to overthink the whole mid-strength beer thing? Then pick up a case of Ice Beer and consider yourself equipped. Now head to the nearest beach or campsite and get chugging with your mates. PS. Be sure to have a designated driver on hand because this stuff will creep up on you.

11. Ice Beer

When 3% and 3.5% ABV won’t suffice, consider taking things up a notch with Steersman Ultra Dry. Distinguished by its well-balanced taste and dry finish, it has fewer carbs and less gluten than your average brewski.

12. Steersman Ultra Dry

In reading about the best mid-strength beers in Australia, you’ll see words like “crisp,” “refreshing,” “light-bodied,” “balanced,” and “dry” pop up over and over again. With that in mind, pardon us as we describe this easy-drinking lager as crisp, refreshing, light-bodied, balanced, and dry. It’s also quite affordable. Meanwhile, the brand takes its name from Bluey, i.e. history’s oldest living dog. What’s there not to love about Bluey beer?

13. Bluey Ultra Crisp Lager

Filtered below zero degrees celsius, Carlton Cold is big on taste and light on strength. Sip one and then sip another because this stuff goes down like carbonated glacier water, but with hints of bitterness and a dry finish. When you’re just not feeling Carlton Mid, grab one of these instead.

14. Carlton Cold

There are three ingredients in Windhoek beer and those ingredients are malted barley, hops, and water. That’s all it takes to make this mid-strength lager stand out from the pack, by way of its incandescent gold colour, slightly bitter taste, and clean finish. Technically, this beer comes from Africa and not Australia, but that hasn’t stopped it from taking off down under.

15. Windhoek Premium Lager

If you’re a beer drinker on a budget, we have just the middy for you. Currently available through Dan Murphy’s at $33 a case, TUN Gold Mid hails from Belgium but delivers plenty of local flavour. We can talk about the malt-forward character and slightly bitter finish, or you can snag this deal while it’s still hot and find out for yourself.

16. TUN Gold Mid

Mixing Australian lager with a splash of natural lemon juice, Pacific Beverages Radler is just as refreshing as it sounds. An ABV of 2.0% makes it more like low-strength beer than mid-strength beer, but that might be just what you’re looking for. Take it to the beach and sip until the sun goes down.

17. Pacific Beverages Radler

Let’s close out our list of the top mid-strength beers with a true powerhouse, relatively speaking. Punching above its weight class, Cricketers Arms Session Ale delivers more flavour than its 3.5% ABV would imply. Thanks to three different types of hops, this one fires on all cylinders.

18. Cricketers Arms Session Ale

Best consumed during warm weather, 4 Pines Pacific Ale is as smooth as it is refreshing. On the nose are bursts of tropical fruit, which give way to a dry and similarly fruity body. If you like clean and classic mid-strength beer that’s devoid of bitterness, this might be the one for you.

19. 4 Pines Pacific Ale

As one of Australia’s first and most important brewers, James Squire remains something of a local legend. This top mid-strength beer duly lives up to his name, delivering flavour and drinkability in equal measure. Bolstered by the use of various hops, it imparts a rich, herbaceous, and malty profile.

20. James Squire Mid River Pale Ale

Hailing from Sydney, Young Henrys does our beloved city proud. That extends to Stayer Mid, a light craft beer of considerable quality. Expect golden colour, a soft but fruity nose, hop-forward taste, and a slightly bitter finish. For one of the best mid-strength beers in Australia and beyond, look no further. Young Henrys might make the best beer in Australia.

21. Young Henrys Stayer Mid

Co-founded by competitive surfers Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson, Balter Brewing Company knows a thing or two about refreshing beer. For its mid-strength offering, the brand keeps things sensible in name and taste alike. Well-rounded and supremely easy to drink, this beer was crafted with your next beach day in mind.

22. Balter Captain Sensible

Winner of Champion Large Australian Brewery at the Australian International Beer Awards 2017, Stone & Wood continues to take the continent by storm. That’s largely due to the brand’s wildly popular Pacific Ale, though the mid-strength Garden Ale is certainly no slouch. A blend of pale and crystal malts paves the way for citrus aromas and a resoundingly clean taste.

23. Stone & Wood Garden Ale

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