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11 Best Low-Carb Beers | Man of Many
It’s time to tuck into our list of the best low-carb beers in Australia. And while the jury is out on their real-world effects on your waistline, there’s no denying their ability to align with the proliferation of various diet trends. We’ve tested every beer on our list, and can confirm that each one is hotter than ever before. Just because you’re going keto, it doesn’t mean you have to give up on all your previous vices. As always, moderation is key, especially if you want to keep that waistline slim and your brain sharp. Let’s check out our favourites.
How Man of Many Chose the Best Low-Carb Beers
Our list of the best low-carb beers in Australia goes like this.
Best Low-Carb Beers at a Glance
Pure Blonde Ultra Low Carb Lager makes our list of the best low-carb beers as it embodies full-strength flavour while retaining a light and flavourful beverage you drink because you want to, not because you’re looking for the healthiest beer in Australia. Some will argue that it doesn’t taste as great as it used to, while others attest that it’s one of the best-tasting low-carb beers you can find. We think it’s the perfect option for a trip to the beach, crisp, refreshing, and packing 1.4 grams of carbohydrates per 100ml.
1. Pure Blonde Ultra Low-Carb Lager
Great Northern Original Lager has become something of sacrilege for most true-blue Australians. While it mightn’t be the absolute best low-carb beer on this list in terms of carbs per 100ml, it’s still a terrific everyday sipper that features great taste and fewer calories than traditional lagers. In our testing (there’s been plenty) we find it fruity on the nose and clean on the palate, to sum it up in one word we’d call it ‘easy-going’ in every conceivable sense of the concept. This is Australian beer done right.
2. Great Northern Original Lager
Hahn SuperDry went through a bit of a makeover a few years ago to come back as one of the first low-carb beers in Australia. Reviewers believe it’s still suffering from consistency issues (we think it’s just fine). Nevertheless, we give big credit to Hahn SuperDry for being an early pioneer of the low-carb beer trend that continues to deliver beverages with a refreshing taste. One of the higher achievers on this list in terms of alcohol volume, it measures at 4.6% ABV but features about one-half the calories of its traditional counterparts.
3. Hahn SuperDry
To give calorie-conscious drinkers something to savour, Adelaide‘s own Coopers Brewery whipped up this classic low-carb lager. Between its fragrant aroma, light golden colour, and creamy head, Coopers Clear retains a number of the brewer’s benchmarks, even as it veers into “diet” territory. Drink it ice cold on a hot day and don’t forget to share it with your mates.
4. Coopers Clear
True to its name, XXXX Summer Bright Lager makes for a perfect summertime sipper. Light and crisp with a mild bitterness, it goes down like flavoured water and we mean that in a good way. If you like the sound of easy drinking during warm weather, then consider this to be one of the best low-carb beers Australia can muster.
5. XXXX Summer Bright Lager
It might have a big head, but this craft low-carb beer from Queensland’s Burleigh Brewing Co. goes big in the flavour department. The only beer on this list that features absolutely no carbs, it was also the first no-carb beer in Australia. That being said, it still packs a full-flavoured punch by way of hoppy bitterness and generally delicious taste. It goes without giving a reminder here; zero carbs don’t mean zero calories or zero alcohol, so you should still drink in moderation.
6. Burleigh Bighead No Carb Beer
One of the best-tasting low-carb beers, Carlton Dry is made using premium ingredients, that give you everything you’d want out of a refreshing full-strength lager. In its creation, the brand prolonged the brewing process and thereby removed excess sugars. We’d call it one of the best low-carb beers in Australia, but with a carb count of 6.7 grams per bottle, it’s a little too high to get the full stamp of approval. Instead, we’ll just say it’s smooth and dry and leave the rest to you.
7. Carlton Dry
Hahn already gives off a rather conspicuous Japanese vibe, so it makes perfect sense that the brewer would swap out rice for traditional wheat and barley. The result is this 100% gluten-free lager, which might very well be one of the healthiest beers in Australia. Uniquely crisp and light in taste, it’s a low-carb beer that won’t cause drastic bloat… presuming you drink it in moderation.
8. Hahn Ultra Crisp Gluten Free
Low in both carbs and gluten, Steersman Blonde Low Carb delivers great taste, a full-strength ABV, and little to no bloat. Expect it to go down smooth, with very mild bitterness and a crisp finish.
9. Steersman Blonde Low-Carb Beer
One of the best low-carb beers in Australia, Coopers Dry is fermented at low temperatures for an extended period of time. Not only does that allow the yeast to suck up all the fermentable sugars, but it unleashes various flavour compounds and yields a discernibly dry finish. Crack open a can or bottle and prepare to go “ahh…”
10. Coopers Dry
Iron Jack’s alcohol content of 3.5% makes this a mid-strength lager, but don’t take that or its impressively low-calorie count to equal an absence of flavour. Thanks to the use of Saaz hops, the low-carb beer yields moderate complexity from the first whiff to the last sip. Enjoy.
11. Iron Jack Lager
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