Hear the Future: Sony Xperia Ear Duo Earphones

More and more headphone alternatives are sprouting up across the industry, but Sony Xperia has brought something revolutionary to the table.

sony xperia earphones in the box view

The Xperia Ear Dup offers a new listening experience while letting the wearer stay connected and engaged with the world around them. The Ear Dup allows you to enjoy media and music while also making calls, performing administrative tasks, but never shuts out the world around you.

sony xperia earphones view side and shape

The ergonomic design of the Ear Duo has been perfected so that it rests so gently in your ear you’ll forget your wearing it. By leaving your ear canal open you’ll never feel the need to take out your Ear Dup to hear those around you or start a conversation in person. The Ear Duo can also be connected to any of your Smart Assistants, so Siri, Google, or Bixby are never far from your mind if you need their assistance.

sony xperia earphones front view

This may sound too good to be true, but that’s just how the Spatial Acoustic Conductor works. It allows sound generated behind the ear to be directly transmitted into the ear. The specially designed ring supporter encompasses the ear canal so that music can be mixed seamlessly with environmental sounds and feedback.

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