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Sony wh 1000xm5 feature image

Sony Unveil WH-1000XM5 Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony’s WH series noise-cancelling headphones are widely regarded as the best in the industry. It goes without saying then that any amount of innovation on a product so impressive would catch our eyes and the brand has managed to accomplish such with the release of the WH1000-XM5, incrementally improving every aspect of the headphones to keep them at the top of everyone’s must-have list. Here’s a breakdown.

On suitcase

Image: Sony

What’s New?

With an impressive battery life of 30-hours, the stats are looking promising, but the brand has made more changes beyond that. See below.

Even Less Noise

Two processors are included to control eight microphones that mediate noise in the mid to high-frequency range – this includes the Integrated Processor V1 that works hand in hand with the HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1 and a specially designed 30mm driver unit to set the base for exceptional noise-cancellation. From there, the software takes over, starting with the Auto NC Optimiser, to adjust the levels of noise-cancellation for each environment whether that be a cafe you’re working in or the early morning commute on the train. It’s so smart in fact, that the software will recognise your most frequented locations and remember them so the sound is adjusted seamlessly. Then there’s the improved sound quality.

Even Better Sound

Incorporating a 30mm drive unit as its base, the WH1000-XM5 delivers a natural sound with intricate details such as lead-free soldered connections that incorporate gold for minimised static transmission. Sony’s LDAC codec means the wireless connection will perform when asking for high-definition audio files and the use of DSEE Extreme 4 upscales digital music files in real-time, allowing you to appreciate all the fine details the artist injected into your most-loved tracks. Of course, 360-degree audio returns for a classic immersive experience.

Microphones have been improved all around for even better calling. The brand integrates Voice Pickup technology with four beaming mics and AI-based noise reduction software so you can have a chat anywhere, including a busy street.

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Wearing by person

Image: Sony

Even More Comfort With New Design

The biggest update for us has to be the new design. While the old headphones were undoubtedly stylish and minimalist, the 5th generation pair takes that to the next level with a sleek finish in a newly developed soft fit leather that incorporates a step-less slider. Materials are designed to be comfortable for extended wear by taking the pressure off your ears.

Connectivity and Controls

Quick access means you’re only two or three taps away from resuming playback, and the Speak-to-Chat feature pauses playback and switches on ambient sound for conversations. Music will also stop playing when you remove the headphones from your head, and they’re Alexa and Google Assistant compatible. Finally, the headphones can be paired with two devices at a time and Swift Pair technology will instantly pair with Android devices and locate the headphones if you forgot where you left them.

Pricing and Availability

The new Sony WH1000-XM5 noise-cancelling headphones are priced at $549.00 AUD and are set to release to the public in June 2022. Preorders can be made via the link below.

Sony wh 1000xm5 side angle

Image: Sony

Sony wh 1000xm5 front angle

Image: Sony

Sony wh 1000xm5 in case

Image: Sony

Sony wh 1000xm5 box

Image: Sony

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