Sony’s SA Z1 Desktop Speakers Offer Peak Resolution

Sony is adding to its Signature Series with their SA Z1 Desktop Speakers. The speakers are meant for those that are looking for the ultimate in both resolution and spatial representation. “The Signature Series pursues sound excellence for the personal listening experience by bringing together Sony’s suite of audio technologies cultivated over several decades. Our new SA Z1 speakers will deliver a deep, rich and high-resolution listening experience with a presence that is so real, you almost feel like you can reach out and touch it,” stated Sony Electronics North America president and chief operating officer Mike Fasulo.

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The better resolution possible through the SA Z1 speakers is made possible by the physical layout of the drivers, which consists of a coaxial layout of woofers and tweeters arranged so that each integrates more fully with the others. That alignment is further enhanced by a specific time alignment controlled by algorithms in Sony’s FPGA processor. This time alignment controls the driver’s output so that the leading edge of the sound’s waves align, further improving the resolution.

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The SA Z1 speakers provide plenty of options when it comes to your listening experience. Whether you’re listening via a PC, Walkman, or other Sony music players, you‘ll be able to connect to the SA Z1 speakers. And because the SA Z1 speakers are designed for personal space, you’ll be able to enjoy their sound in any room—or cubicle—that you find yourself in. You can also customize your sound using the four sound tuning settings that include the blend ratio of the digital and analogue amplifier, the woofer motion assist control, the cut-off frequency for the woofer, and the time alignment for the tweeters.

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The SA Z1 speakers will be available soon and is expected to be priced around $8,000.

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