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Wrensilva’s New Club Series Puts a Mid-Century Twist on Modern Sound

Since 2016, Wrensilva has been making record consoles for serious audiophiles. In that time, it’s built a solid reputation for creating incredible sound. The latest creation the new Club Series media consoles, continue that trend, but Wrensilva apparently isn’t satisfied with just making beautiful music. With the Club Series, the brand has obviously set its sights on making beautiful cabinets as well.

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The Club Series come in hand-crafted, curly ash cabinets that bring a retro feel to your record collection. In addition to the curly ash, you’ll find mother of pearl inlays, components carefully wrapped in tweed, and woven screens for the speakers. The craftsmanship is beyond excellent, and the result is a piece of art that will fit in with any setting—from the dive bar to the immaculate mansion. Beyond that handsome exterior, however, you’ll find the best in audio equipment.

The consoles come with a VPI belt-driven turntable and built-in speakers. The turntable features a 1-inch thick aluminium platter. The consoles also offer Bluetooth and can connect to SONOS, so you won’t be stuck just playing your old vinyl (not that that is necessarily a bad thing). The bass-reflex speakers are also hand-built and come with damping to prevent any additional noise that may result from speaker vibration.

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The consoles come in three styles: M1, Standard, and Loft. The “Club Series” designation of those consoles reflects the enhanced materials and detailing put into this special group. The M1 and Standard both showcase the stunning curly ash. Meanwhile, the compact Loft still boasts natural ash hardwood but is more dominated by the ebonised oak grille. The M1 retails at USD$11,999, and the Standard comes in at USD$9,999. The stand-alone Loft will run you USD$5,999. Regardless of which style you pick, you’ll be getting beautiful sound and craft.

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Wrensilva club series media consoles loft colse

Image: Wrensilva

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