Sony Xperia 1 World´s First 4K OLED Smartphone Display

Sony is differentiating itself not by blending into the pack, but by bucking the trend toward keeping things similar. Their new Xperia 1 Smartphone has a 21:9 aspect ratio instead of the more standard 18:9. That extra bit of real estate will play nicely with the typical portrait position that phones are held in—lists such as those for emails will have more space to show more, and conversations in messenger applications will display more of what has been said. Flip the phone to a landscape orientation, and the 6.5-inch screen gives a wider look for movies and games. Consider that cinemas have the same aspect ratio, and streaming movies to your phone becomes a better experience, especially when you factor in the Dolby Atmos sound that the Xperia 1 can deliver. The HDR OLED screen also delivers 4K, which is four times the detail of Full HD, and has incredible contrast and clarity. That image quality comes from the new X1 for mobile image processing engine from BRAVIA.

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And it’s not just movie watchers that will appreciate the different size. Gamers might also find it useful, especially as many PC games are trending toward ultrawide screens for a more immersive experience.

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And if you’re looking to create your own content, the Xperia 1 can help with that as well. Featuring three cameras—a 16mm lens for wide landscapes, a 26mm lens, and a 52mm lens for 2x optical zoom—Xperia will capture excellent stills and videos.

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