Sony HMZ-T3 Head Mounted Display

sony hmz t3 head mounted display front

When some people try to convince you that films on a 4- or 5-inch screen are watchable, they’re basically right. They are ‘watchable.’ But if ‘watchable’ is not exactly what you crave for, you’ll need a different device such as the MZ-T3W Head Mounted Display from Sony. You just hook it up to any of your HDMI-enabled devices, such as PCs, laptops, smartphones, or portable consoles, sit back and relax. Sony MZ-T3W provides you with a stunning virtual image of 750 inches as seen from 20m distance via its two OLED panels offering 720p resolution. In terms of sound it’s also impressive, with its 7.1 channel virtual sound which you can enjoy with supplied in-ear headphones, or by hooking up your own. $999