Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor Throws Verbal Haymakers at Youtube Star True Geordie in Vicious Online Spat

While we’d prefer to witness Conor McGregor engaging in trash-talk with fellow UFC fighters, fans will have to settle for verbal exchanges with YouTubers. The former two-division champion recently launched a scathing and profanity-laden attack against popular content creator True Geordie after the latter criticized McGregor’s recent behaviour in interviews.

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Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor at Monaco Grand Prix | Image: IMAGO/Panoramic

In response to True Geordie, whose real name is Brian Davis, McGregor unleashed a barrage of insults. In a now-deleted audio post on Twitter, the Irishman fired back at the pundit, reportedly saying, “Mr. Oestrogen, what’s happening? Fat fing b** ts. Who the f are you? You little burns victim-looking thing. F*** me, man, who scalded you with a kettle? You fat f***! You little feminine p**** of a thing. I f*** p****, yeah. Keep my name out of your mouth, you stupid c***.

He continued: “I’m sick of seeing your fat, burnt face. Fat estrogen head. Oh my god, you can’t understand what I’m saying? You’ve got subtitles under the f***ing thing saying exactly what I’m saying. So, what are you saying? You little fat no-name.”

This explosive response came after True Geordie pointed out that McGregor seemed excessively animated in a recent interview with MMA journalist Ariel Helwani and made unfounded accusations of drug use.

Davis suggested in the clip above, “Conor McGregor, I think, has a problem. The guy is not making any fing sense. The guy has just said ‘I’m not drinking today,’ for a start I hope he was drunk. That face right there sums up Conor McGregor right now.”

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“I don’t know if this is related to his bad leg break or more and more drug use because the more you take it, the more you need, because he’s a far cry from the man who gave this interview. This brilliant speaker of a man, it’s not even recognizable. That’s when those close to you need to step in and say ‘enough’s enough man, what the f are you doing?'”

True Geordie and UFC fighter Michael Bisping

True Geordie and retired UFC fighter Michael Bisping | Image: Twitter

As both men continued their verbal sparring on the internet, Davis proposed settling their differences in the ring. He challenged McGregor to a charity fight and suggested that the proceeds could be donated to burn victims.

In a video addressing his followers, Davis delivered a savage takedown, saying, “Mate, I’m 300 fking pounds and built like a rugby player. I’m the size of the guys Floyd Mayweather and you hire to protect them when you’re walking around in public. If you want to do a charity fight, anything, MMA, boxing, I don’t really give a st because I’m literally a giant compared to you. Someone needs to shut that f**king hole in your face,” he concluded.

This isn’t the first instance of Davis clashing with fighters, as he previously faced off against heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, who told him to “suck a d***” for criticizing his trilogy fight with Derek Chisora. Following this exchange, the media personality took to Twitter and posted McGregor and Fury’s names alongside ticks, teasing the question of “Who will be next?”

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