Revisit Your Childhood with LEGO FORMA—LEGO for Adults

LEGO FORMA is a LEGO set meant for adults to use to unleash their creativity. The idea is to tie into our natural inclination toward using our hands to create something. These sets are meant to be relaxing, and to allow you to unwind from your day while creating something you can proudly show off at home.

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The sets are starting with fish—specifically the Koi and Shark. The Koi skins come in either the traditional koi or “splash”, but is also available as an ink skin that you can colour yourself. The model itself consists of 294 elements that you put together. Once created, the model is capable of a swimming motion is that is realistic to an actual fish’s movement. The sets are simple and can be completed in just a matter of a couple of hours.

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FORMA is in part a response to LEGO’s “Play Well Report.” After surveying nearly 13,000 people, LEGO discovered a connection between playing and a person’s wellbeing. The report showed that 91 per cent of adults feel that playing is good for their wellbeing, and 86 per cent feel it makes them more relaxed. The same survey showed that 87 per cent of adults felt that construction toys like LEGO helped them be more creative. Another question showed that 76 per cent of adults prefer LEGO bricks or other construction toys.

If you’re looking to reconnect with your creativity, then choose to build like a kid again, with LEGO FORMA.

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