The LEGO BOOST Star Wars Droid Commander Set Are the Droids You’re Looking For

The official Star Wars Day may have passed, but you can still bring a bit of the force into your life by picking up the LEGO BOOST Star Wars Droid Commander set. The set comes with all the 1,177 pieces needed to build a Mouse Droid, a Gonk Droid, and the adventurous R2-D2. Using Lego BOOST, you can program movements into the droids, and even complete over 40 character specific missions using a downloadable app that allows you to drag and drop coding into the Droids.

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“We’ve been fueling the imagination of young Padawans and Jedi Masters for 20 years and wanted to take the Force to a new level,” states Julia Goldin, Chief Marketing Officer for the LEGO Group. “By introducing LEGO BOOST and creative coding into the LEGO Star Wars galaxy, kids now have the chance to develop essential 21st century skills while immersing themselves in the amazing world of Droid Commanders.”

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That ability to code the droids for different actions plays right into helping the next generation develop STEM skills such as creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication. Of course, it helps that all this learning is masquerading as fun. “Our children are the problem solvers of tomorrow,” explains Goldin, “and STEAM skills will be essential to help them conquer the challenges of the future.”

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The Droids will be released globally on September 1, 2019.

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