LEGO Wants to Know What’s the Deal with a Seinfeld Set?

Thirty years ago a TV show famously about nothing changed the landscape of entertainment. Seinfeld won over droves of fans. People still quote and laugh about the ’90s comedy sitcom. Brent Waller, an environmental artist and level designer, has put together a pretty impressive Seinfeld 30th Anniversary LEGO set that recreates Jerry’s upper west side apartment and comes with mini-figures of your favourite characters.

The design is part of the LEGO Ideas Project.

Seinfield tv sitcom lego

The set would include 900 LEGO pieces to create not only the apartment but also Jerry’s furniture. The set would also include five mini-figures: Jerry Seinfeld, George Costanza, Elaine Benes, Cosmo Kramer, and Newman.

Seinfield cast in LEGO

The set is only a concept right now, but as a part of the LEGO Ideas Project, its fate is entirely in your hands. The ideas project allows LEGO fans to vote on proposed ideas submitted by designers. If the idea gets 10,000 votes in favour of it, LEGO will look into making it a real set. Getting enough votes doesn’t ensure that the set will be made; LEGO still has to get the proper licensing rights and jump through other hoops.

Still, getting the votes is a good start, and people are already signing on. So far, the Seinfeld set has received over 3,000 votes—that’s enough votes for LEGO to extend the voting period. It was also enough interest to goad Waller into designing figures for the Soup Nazi, George’s Parents Frank and Estelle Costanza. And David Puddy in his eight ball jacket.

Jerry Seinfield's furniture in lego

You still have a chance to vote for the set, though even if it was approved it wouldn’t make it into production before the 30th anniversary of Seinfeld. Given how popular the show was, and given that sets have been made for less popular things, it’s surprising that LEGO wasn’t more on the ball—or the brick—with this one. But none of that matters. What does matter is your vote, so head over and make your opinion known.

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Seinfield 30th Anniversary LEGO