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Michael Shaeffer in Bodyguard

Bodyguard Season 2 Confirmed

Pretty much anyone who gets Netflix (or BBC) here in Australia has been asking the same question for over a year now: is “Bodyguard” season 2 happening or what?! For now, we can confirm that season 2 is more or less definitely happening. Indeed, why wouldn’t there be a “Bodyguard” season 2? The first season was BBC One’s most-watched series in about a decade and the finale was the most-watched episode of a UK-based TV drama since record-keeping began. Plus, all the major players have basically guaranteed that a second season is on the way. In fact, show creator Jed Mercurio has implied that there will be four seasons before the entire story wraps.

Okay, so we pretty much always knew that “Bodyguard” season 2 was a sure thing, we just didn’t know when it would land (and to be fair, we still don’t). Furthermore, given the explosive nature of season 1, there are plenty of other questions one might ask, such as the following: Who will star? What will it be about? Will it be as good as season 1? What’s the freaking hold-up, anyway?! With that in mind, here’s all the “Bodyguard” season 2 information we know thus far.

What is Bodyguard About?


As you may or may not recall, the first season of “Bodyguard” centers on British war veteran turned bodyguard David Budd (Richard Madden), who’s tasked with protecting Home Secretary Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes). What begins as a series of fraught interactions between the two becomes something far more complex when they spark up a lusty romance. Add in the fact that Montague has a perennial target on her back and you end up with a proverbial factory line of compelling twists and turns.

Just as Montague starts to view Budd as more than her latest boy toy, she dies (or does she?) in what appears to be a terrorist attack. Meanwhile, a seriously distraught (and newly unemployed) Budd has been framed for the hit. As he attempts to clear his name, he uncovers a grave conspiracy involving everyone from crooked cops to organised crime boss Luke Aitkens, who was determined to stop Montague from becoming Prime Minister.

At the heart of the scandal is some incriminating kompromat, which threatens to shake up British politics and MI:5 as well. It gets leaked in the finale, prompting both the Prime Minister and the Director-General of MI5 to resign. Crime boss Luke Aitkens goes to jail and Budd is cleared of the murder charges. Visibly scarred by the ordeal, he undergoes occupational health therapy and reunites with his wife and kids.

Those who fell in love with the show were hooked from its earliest sequence, during which Budd carefully stops a suicide bomber from blowing up a train. Played out in real-time, the interaction cultivates a prolonged state of pure tension. And while the remainder of the series is a little more flashbang than the taut opening, it similarly sustains a gripping atmosphere of constant unpredictability. Here’s hoping “Bodyguard” season 2 does more of the same.

Why is Bodyguard Season 2 Taking so Long?

The first season finale of “Bodyguard” aired on BBC One in late September of 2018, which isn’t all that long ago by modern TV standards. Nevertheless, with its record-breaking viewership, one might naturally wonder: why didn’t they get to work on “Bodyguard” season 2 right away?

The answer is fairly simple: show creator Jed Mercurio and star Richard Madden have been too busy. As if conceiving one of the most-watched shows in recent history wasn’t enough, Mercurio is also the man behind “Line of Duty,” another wildly popular series on BBC One. Madden, meanwhile, has been starring in everything from “Rocketman” to “1917” to Marvel’s “The Eternals,” which isn’t to mention his rumoured role as the next James Bond.

To keep us properly baited during the interim, Mercurio and Madden have been dropping hints about “Bodyguard” season 2. In September of 2018, Mercurio stated that he was “just beginning” talks with the BBC about a second season. The next month, Madden openly discussed his plans to meet with Mercurio about where the show would go from here.

In 2019, Mercurio gave a brief update about his talks with the BBC when he claimed: “We’re going through the logistics of it.” He also posted a cheeky excuse to his Twitter account: “What’s really holding up development of #Bodyguard series two is the quest for any dramatically sympathetic reason not to kill off the cabinet minister in the first five minutes.”

Naturally, one shouldn’t take all this general vagueness as a sign that the “Bodyguard” season 2 will never come to be. Whether the stars and creators are pushing for higher salaries or simply carving out the right time to focus on the series, this thing will definitely happen. Season 1 star Nicholas Gleaves—who played Conservative Party Chief Whip Roger Penhaligon—basically confirmed as much during an interview with Radio Times: “I spoke to the producer a month ago and he absolutely guaranteed that there would be a second series, and he absolutely guaranteed that he’s no idea when it’s going to be.” Alas, the general vagueness continues.

Where Does Bodyguard Go From Here?


As with so many modern TV shows, season 1 of “Bodyguard” more or less wrapped up its entire storyline. Sure, David Budd is a little shell-shocked, but the core mystery has been resolved. Well, sort of. For starters, we’re not entirely convinced that Julia Montague is actually dead. Does this mean she might get her shot at running for Prime Minister after all? Time will tell.

Whatever the case, there’s still plenty of potential plot to explore and arguably some loose ends to tie up. And even if Montague is really dead, there’s likely no shortage of ambitious politicians or moving targets to take her place. Season 2 might also see the return of various characters, including the shady MI:5 Agent best known as “Richard Longcross” (Michael Shaeffer), who evaded police custody in the first season.

The other characters most likely to return include Anne Sampson (Gina McKee), Vicky Budd (Sophie Rundle), DS Louise Rayburn (Nina Toussaint-White), and Deepak Sharma (Ash Tandon). Less likely to return for “Bodyguard” season 2 are characters such as Rob MacDonald (Paul Ready), Mike Travis (Vincent Franklin), Tom Fenton (Richard Riddell), Prime Minister John Vosler (David Westhead), Stephen Hunter-Dunn (Stuart Bowman), and Chief Superintendent Lorraine Craddock (Pippa Haywood), among others. Of course, when it comes to a show like this one, anything can happen…

While we don’t have exact plot details, star Richard Madden has suggested that season 2 won’t just pick up where the first one left off. When speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, he said the following: “You cannot jump into it. David Budd definitely needs a vacation after that. He’s not going to go back to work, is he? And also he’s the most famous man in London because of what happens at the end of episode six. He couldn’t just go straight back into work…Me and Jed both agree that there’s something much more interesting in, ‘Let’s catch up with him 18 months later, two years later after this has happened and say where is he now? What’s happened to him?'”

When We Will Get Bodyguard Season 2 on Netflix and BBC?

The big question of the day remains: when does “Bodyguard” season 2 arrive on the nearest small screen? Unfortunately, Netflix or BBC subscribers will have to wait until Autumn of this year at the earliest, since Mercurio and his team still have to create the actual episodes. All we can say in the meantime is that this thing is definitely happening, even if there’s no official green light to speak of just yet. One might say it’s all par for the course, as the show is good at nothing if not leaving you in suspense.


Is there a season 2 of Bodyguard?

While a second season has not been officially announced, show creator Jed Mercurio has all but guaranteed it will happen. He and BBC One are currently in talks.

How many seasons of Bodyguard are there?

As of now, there is just one season of Bodyguard to speak of, with season 2 expected to arrive in late 2020 or possibly early 2021.

Is Bodyguard on Netflix or the BBC?

Bodyguard is produced and distributed by the BBC One and also distributed through Netflix.