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Top Gun: Maverick Trailer

‘Top Gun 3’ Ready for Takeoff? Miles Teller Confirms Talks with Tom Cruise

Do you feel the need? The need to milk a film franchise for all it’s worth? US actor Miles Teller has revealed that he’s talked with Hollywood royalty Tom Cruise about the possibility of a third Top Gun movie, just weeks after the long-awaited sequel roared into cinemas. Speaking with Entertainment Tonight (ET), Teller, 35, confirmed that he’s “been having some conversations with him (Cruise) about it. We’ll see.”

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Teller played a leading role in the sequel as Bradley ‘Rooster’ Bradshaw, the son of fallen pilot Nick ‘Goose’ Bradshaw from the original film. Complete with moustache and trademark aviators, the character was an instant fan favourite, helping Top Gun: Maverick to surpass a staggering USD$1 billion at the global box office. Down under, the results have been similarly impressive.

Earlier this month, the sequel, which arrived 36 years in the making, became the fifth highest-grossing film of all time in Australia, amassing a stunning AUD$64.16 million in just 32 days. The box office performance saw Top Gun: Maverick overtake blockbusters like Titanic, Avengers: Infinity War and Spider-Man: No Way Home. 

“It’s undeniable that the theatrical movie-going experience is more robust than ever, and we are thrilled with the results of Top Gun: Maverick in Australia,” Brian Pritchett, vice president and managing director of Paramount Pictures Australasia said. “This film is a multigenerational must-see event, drawing both fans of the original, who have seen it several times, as well as younger audiences who have embraced the film and are sharing their love with everyone around them. The sky is definitely not the limit for this movie.”

Top Gun: Maverick Trailer

Image: Paramount Pictures

Naturally, when a film achieves the level of success that Maverick has, rumblings of a follow-up do emerge. In his talks with ET, Teller confirmed that while the the prospect of a Top Gun 3 “would be great”, the ball is firmly in Cruise’s court, saying “That’s all up to TC. It’s all up to Tom.”

For Cruise, who recently celebrated his 60th birthday, the incentive is both commercial and critical. Top Gun: Maverick is the acting legend’s first film to achieve the fabled USD$1 billion figure and among his most critically acclaimed projects ever. The sequel has a Certified Fresh score of 97 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes, along with a 99 per cent audience score from 25,000+ verified ratings.

Top Gun: Maverick Trailer

Image: Paramount Pictures

As far as sequels go, the release more than made good on the hype and it needed to. According to Cruise, the sequel has remained one of the most asked-about projects in the pipeline for several decades, with the action star previously saying he wasn’t sure if it was even possible.

“Everywhere I went, people would be like: ‘Do Top Gun’, and I’m like: ‘Guys, I don’t know how to do it.’,” Cruise revealed to Empire back in 202o. “I don’t know what the story is. I don’t make movies just to make movies. I was like: ‘Jerry (Bruckheimer), it’s never going to happen’. I honestly never thought I would make it.”

More than USD$1 billion and a pop-culture phenomenon later, the world is glad the two movie makers figured it out. As for a third instalment in the franchise, the future is looking bright, but it may be soon time before we get confirmation of a takeoff.

Top gun maverick trailer 7

Image: Paramount Pictures