Proof The Sony Walkman Will Never Die

The Sony Walkman: no matter how retro a concept, it never seems to get old. From tapes to CDs to digital, the first truly great portable personal player is still out there, reviving itself and surviving in this brave new world of digital music downloads. This latest Walkman, the Walkman with High Resolution audio looks almost identical to the skinny iPods from a decade ago—only with a lot more to offer than those iPod Minis.

sony walkman player in the hand

For starters, the new Walkman only plays high resolution audio, giving listeners more depth of sound than the may have ever heard. There is also 11.2 megahurtz of Direct Stream Digital playback and despite most people not knowing what that actually does, it’s an amazing feat for such a small device. It can also stream wirelessly via Bluetooth and can plug right into just about any computer, for quicker additions and subtractions of music. There’s an intuitive side key that allows you to control volume and what track you are listening to easily from your pocket. You’ll also probably never run out of battery either, as this Walkman can hold a full charge for about 30 hours total before needing to recharge. And beyond this iteration of the Walkman having 64 gigabytes of storage it self, there is also a place where a microSD card can be added, making the Walkman’s memory even more palpable.

Check it out

sony walkman player front

sony walkman player all accessories

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