Picture Perfect – The New Sony Xperia X Range

It’s now 2016 and most major brands (hopefully) know exactly what we want out of our inanimate best friends also known as smartphones. Basically, we want durable, sleek, unobtrusive devices that provide exceptional picture/video quality and plenty of data storage. With that in mind, Sony asks that you consider their latest offering: the Xperia X Range Smartphones. Between three new models (XAX and Xperia X Performance) Sony is delivering designs and features so in the moment they feel downloaded directly from your brains.

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sony xperia black and white smartphone preview

Let’s start strictly with the design. The Xperia smartphones are preciously slim. According to Sony’s claims, the Xperia XA is in fact the world’s narrowest 5-inch smartphone on the market. Additionally, each model in the line flaunts a brilliantly curved glass display and a frame that fits perfectly in one’s palm, achievements made possible after tireless research on into various textures, curvatures and materials. The phones also employ a premium finish that comes in choice of four colours and utilizes a continuous frame structure to enhance familiarity.

sony xperia power button and volium key

However, where the X Series truly shines is in the camera department. Our suspicion is that the research team at Sony went to a lot of Beyonce concerts and saw about 99% of the audience with their smartphones in the air set to record. This led the company to make picture/video quality an absolute priority.

capture bright image on sony xperia x

According to Sony Mobile Oceania’s Managing Director John Featherstone, “Smartphone users expect more from their cameras, whether it’s faster speeds and sharper images or better pictures in low-light. These are all areas that we have concentrated on for the X Series.”

sony xperia rear camera and flash light

In living up to its word, the X Range more than brings the goods when it comes to smartphone camera function. Thanks to the latest technology, the Xperia X and X Performancemodels reach unprecedented levels of auto-focus and video capture stability in addition to other things like seamless adjustment to dim lighting. Suffice to say if you value high picture/video quality on your mobile device, Sony’s X Series definitely has your name written all over it.

sony xperia flat view on seat cover

Naturally, you’ll be asking yourself which model is the right one for you. The Xperia XA is all about straightforward dependability and unfettered style. This is the model that employs record-breaking slimness and a borderless edge-to-edge screen. The XA also uses Qnovo Adaptive Charging to deliver two-day battery life and includes a low-light selfie camera for improved definition in dimly lit environments.

sony xperia charging port and speaker

If you’re thinking you’ll want a little more in the picture/video department, the Xperia Xand X Performance models are your friends. The X in particular represents a perfect balance on all fronts. It’s affordable and loaded with features for the modern day smartphone-camera enthusiast. In fact Sony is claiming that the X is the smartest and fastest camera on the market with lightning fast response times, mind-blowing autofocus through the use of Sony’s Predictive Hybrid Autofocus technology, unparalleled video stability (i.e. say goodbye to “shaky cam”) and superior capture intelligence that transitions from standby to capture in milliseconds. Like the XA, the X also enjoys a long battery life allotting the user a solid two days before re-charging.

If only the absolute best will do, then by all means go directly to the top-shelf and check out the Xperia X Performance. The X Performance includes virtually all the features of the X but with a slightly thicker frame, improved processing (courtesy of a Snapdragon 820 quad core 64 bit processor), even better connectivity and even more durability in the face of hostile weather conditions. As Sony likes to put it, the X Performance is for “power users who want the best of everything”.

sony xperia flat view with home screen

The X Series platforms this week and to help incentivize consumers Sony is also unveiling a slew of cool accessories like new protective covers that come in a variety of colours and styles. Also, for a limited time Sony is including 12 free movie downloads with the purchase of any Xperia handset, an offer redeemable through a pre-installed Xperia Lounge App.

With the X Series, Sony is truly giving customers the features they crave. Expect cutting edge designs, sleek screen curvature, and the best in modern smartphone camera technology. From now on the only shakiness coming from that Beyonce video will be purely intentional on her part.


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