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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Launches His Own Tequila

In a business move which is more bandwagon-jumper than it is trendsetter, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has announced plans to release his very own tequila, name “Mana”.

Apparently a Polynesian word for “spirit”, Mana tequila is just one of many spirits birthed by celebrity endorsement (and financial backing). Just last year, George Clooney’s fledgling (though instantly successful) brand of tequila, Casamigos, sold to liquor behemoth Diageo for a billion dollars.

That’s a lot of hangovers.

While the business-minded beefcake spends more time in the gym that he does with his head in a toilet, it can be pretty safely assumed that he doesn’t mind the odd tipple (by his own admission he’s stated that tequila is his spirit of choice for “cheat days”).

Mana goes back to the semi-retired wrestler’s Samoan heritage, which The Rock honoured in the form of an epic shoulder tattoo (which took 22 hours–there’s a lot of real estate to cover).

“The core and anchor of this image is in the eye. Look closely and you’ll find the life, energy, power and you’ll feel the MANA (spirit). The eye tells the story of a disruptive positive energy always ready to dent the universe,” Dwayne The Rock Johnson wrote of the huge cover-up piece on his Instagram account.

“Depending on the light and angle, sometimes the energy’s subtle and sometimes it’s glaring. But it’s always alive and ready to disrupt the universe and love and protect my family and all things I love with intense passion and gratitude.”

It is unclear at this stage when Mana will hit the shelves, but given the star’s unyielding popularity, you can bet that just like his films, it’ll be a hit.

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