WIN! A Bottle of Man of Many x Westward Single Malt Whisky Worth $175

We’re such huge fans of whiskey maker Westward—arguably the leading name in America’s growing single malt movement—that we recently teamed up with them for an exclusive single barrel release. Putting the project together was a true honour and a delicious one at that, as it involved numerous tastings. Limited bottles are available for purchase through The Whisky List or you can score one for free by winning our latest giveaway. The competition kicks off on Tuesday the 25th of July and runs for three weeks. Enter below.


Located in the heart of Portland, Oregon, Westward takes a painstaking approach toward every aspect of the production process. What begins with high-quality malted barley undergoes slow fermentation to become a rather tasty beer before heading into a custom-built still, followed by a second round of distillation in a smaller still. The resulting whiskey sits in heavily toasted and lightly charred American oak for up to 7 years inside the company’s nearby barrel warehouse aka “Jenny.”

We visited “Jenny” for ourselves and sipped this spirit straight from the barrel as part of our collaboration. It’s hard to describe the singular pleasure of watching Master Blender (and true one-of-a-kind personality) Miles Munroe as he dipped his ladle into the oak and distributed one tasting after the next. Not only did we try the distillery’s standard single malt, but we sampled rare batches as well, which had been sourced from unique barley strains or had undergone experimental finishing programs. It was hard work, but someone had to do it!


We selected our barrel of choice and left everything else in the hands of Westward. They bottled the stuff in limited supply and slapped a signature label on the front, which bore our name. The brand is already a big deal here in Australia—where various drinkers are discovering the wonders of American single malt whiskey—and so it was with tremendous pride that we presented this single barrel release. Now we’re handing the baton off to you, dear drinker.

As for the flavour profile, it’s nothing short of heavenly. Aged to perfection, Westward Single Malt Whiskey opens on a complex nose of orange peel, malted grain, and sweet stone fruit. The liquid rides in on silky waves and delivers an exceptional balance between notes of tropical fruit, toffee, custard, black pepper, and wood spice. A warm finish of toasted almond and stout beer rounds out the glorious flavour profile and lingers long on the palate. This is a truly spectacular spirit, to say the least.

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There’s no better way to discover the Man of Many x Westward Single Barrel release for yourself than by winning our latest giveaway. Enter below for a chance to win a free bottle of America’s best single malt whiskey, which brings together two award-winning brands and comes straight from a hand-selected barrel of premium virgin oak. The competition opens on Tuesday the 25th of July and runs for a total of three weeks. Good luck and happy sipping!

WIN! A Bottle of Man of Many x Westward Single Malt Whisky $175

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