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10 Most Valuable Luxury Brands Ranked

In 2023, the luxury brand landscape has seen Porsche, with a staggering brand value of US$36.8 billion, holding its position at the zenith of the Brand Finance Luxury & Premium 50 ranking for six successive years. Echoing the resilience of luxury brands even amidst global financial shifts, Alex Haigh, Director at Brand Finance, emphasized that these brands flourish by offering exclusive, personalized experiences. In the post-COVID era, they’re leveraging data and technology to provide tailored recommendations and products. Furthermore, the luxury sector is embracing sustainability, integrating eco-friendly materials and ethical practices, underlining their commitment to responsible business operations.


  • Porsche, boasting a brand value of US$36.8 billion, remains at the forefront, marking its leadership in overall brand value for the sixth consecutive year.
  • Notably, Porsche also achieves the highest Sustainability Perceptions Value (SPV) at a whopping US$8.1 billion.
  • Louis Vuitton retains its 2nd spot with a brand value of US$26.3 billion, followed closely by Chanel, which has ascended to the 3rd position at US$19.4 billion, thereby nudging Gucci to the 4th rank valued at US$17.8 billion.
RankPrevious RankBrand NameCountryCurrent ValuePrevious ValueCurrent RatingPrevious Rating
22Louis VuittonFrance$26,290M$23,426MAAAAAA
911Tiffany & CoUnited States$7,433M$6,743MAAA-AA+
Source: BrandDirectory
Most Valuable Luxury Brands for 2020 - Porsche

World’s Most Valuable Luxury Brands 2023

With that in mind, the world’s most valuable luxury brands have swelled revenue despite conditions. Without further ado, here is a list of the 10 most valuable luxury brands for 2020.

1 Most Valuable Luxury Brands for 2020 - Porsche

1. Porsche

After leading the sector for six consecutive years, Porsche maintains its top spot as the world’s most valuable luxury brand for 2023. With a substantial brand value of USD$36.8 billion, Porsche has indeed become the epitome of luxury. Additionally, with the highest Sustainability Perceptions Value (SPV) at US$8.1 billion, Porsche showcases its commitment to sustainable practices, securing its supremacy in the rankings.

2023 value: USD$36.8 billion
2022 value: USD$33.713 billion
Growth: +9.0%
Founder: Ferdinand Porsche
Founded: 25 April 1931, Stuttgart, Germany
Headquarters: Stuttgart, Germany

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Louis Vuitton entrance of the restaurant

2. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton retains its 2nd position in 2023 with a brand value of USD$26.3 billion. The brand’s resilience and adaptability have enabled it to sustain its growth and maintain its reputation as a top luxury brand.

2023 value: USD$26.3 billion
2022 value: USD$23.426 billion
Growth: +12.2%
Founder: Louis Vuitton
Founded: 1854, Paris, France
Parent organisation: LVMH
CEO: Michael Burke (19 Dec 2012–)
Headquarters: Paris, France

Most Valuable Luxury Brands for 2020 - Chanel 1

3. Chanel

Chanel has risen to the 3rd position in 2023, pushing Gucci into the 4th spot. With a brand value of USD$19.4 billion, Chanel has showcased its growth potential and remains an influential player in the luxury market.

2023 value: USD$19.4 billion
2022 value: USD$15.26 billion
Growth: +27.0%
Founder: Coco Chanel
Founded: 1910, Paris, France
CEO: Alain Wertheimer (Feb 2016–)
Headquarters: Paris, France
Parent organisation: CHANEL International B.V.


4. Gucci

With a brand value of USD$17.8 billion in 2023, Gucci holds the 4th spot. Though pushed down by Chanel, Gucci’s consistent brand performance has solidified its place as a global luxury brand.

2023 value: USD$17.8 billion
2022 value: USD$18.110 billion
Growth: -1.5%
Founder: Guccio Gucci
Founded: 1921, Florence, Italy
Parent organisation: Kering
CEO: Marco Bizzarri
Creative director: Alessandro Michele

1 Most Valuable Luxury Brands for 2020 - Hermes

5. Hermes

French luxury brand Hermès is synonymous with superior craftsmanship and timeless design. It has solidified its place among the elites this year.

2023 value: USD$14.165 billion
2022 value: USD$13.499 billion
Growth: +4.93%
Founder: Thierry Hermès
Founded: 1837, Paris, France
Parent organisation: Hermès International S.A.
CEO: Axel Dumas

Dior copy

6. Dior

Another gem from France, Dior, has enchanted the world with its fashion, fragrances, and cosmetics. Its brand legacy remains strong and influential.

2023 value: USD$13.152 billion
2022 value: USD$9.027 billion
Growth: +45.73%
Founder: Christian Dior
Founded: 1946, Paris, France
Parent organisation: LVMH
CEO: Pietro Beccari

Most Valuable Luxury Brands for 2020 - Cartier

7. Cartier

While other apparel brands may have struggled this year, French luxury goods icon Cartier has weathered the storm. The label emphasised its jewellery offering over the course of the year, securing a solid brand value growth.

2023 value: USD$12.538 billion
2022 value: USD$12.419 billion
Growth: +0.96%
Founder: Louis-François Cartier
Founded: 1847, Paris, France
Parent organisation: Cie Financiere Richemont SA
CEO: Cyrille Vigneron

Rolex deepsea challenge v omega ultra deep

8. Rolex

The Swiss watchmaking giant Rolex maintains its prestigious position with its unwavering commitment to quality and precision.

2023 value: USD$10.711 billion
2022 value: USD$8.350 billion
Growth: +28.25%
Founder: Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis
Founded: 1905, London, United Kingdom
Parent organisation: Rolex SA
CEO: Jean-Frédéric Dufour

Daniel Arsham Tiffany & Co. Padlock | Image: Tiffany & Co.

9. Tiffany & Co

The iconic American jeweler Tiffany & Co remains a favorite, known for its blue boxes and timeless jewelry pieces.

2023 value: USD$7.433 billion
2022 value: USD$6.743 billion
Growth: +10.23%
Founder: Charles Lewis Tiffany
Founded: 1837, New York City, United States
Parent organisation: LVMH
CEO: Alexandre Arnault

1 Most Valuable Luxury Brands for 2020 - Ferrari

10. Ferrari

The epitome of speed and luxury, Italian automaker Ferrari continues to be a symbol of prestige and performance.

2023 value: USD$7.424 billion
2022 value: USD$8.047 billion
Growth: -7.74%
Founder: Enzo Ferrari
Founded: 1939, Maranello, Italy
Parent organisation: Ferrari N.V.
CEO: Louis Camilleri

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Brand Finance Luxury & Premium 50 Report

The latest Brand Finance Luxury & Premium 50 report for 2023 has been unveiled, showcasing the ever-evolving landscape of the world’s premier luxury brands. As anticipated, the major players are still dominant, but after the challenges of 2020, the 2023 report highlights the remarkable recovery of the luxury sector. According to the Brand Finance Index, brands had to grapple with potential significant value losses due to the pandemic, but the 2023 figures indicate a strong rebound.

Certain challenges remained from the events of the past few years, with varied responses across the industry’s sub-categories. Notably, apparel brands previously suffered the most, with a stark 20% loss in brand value. In contrast, automotive brands experienced a moderate 10% decline, and cosmetic brands were relatively insulated from the pandemic’s fallout.

A standout observation from the report is the resilience of the Chinese market. Initially battered by COVID-19, the dynamism of Chinese consumers ensured a positive recovery. Alex Haigh, Brand Finance valuation director, emphasized, “The Chinese market’s significance for the health and growth of the luxury & premium sector cannot be understated. After aiding the sector’s recovery post the 2008 crash, luxury brands are once more looking to this powerhouse in the aftermath of the Coronavirus pandemic. In 2019 alone, Porsche – leading as the world’s most valuable luxury and premium brand – recorded a remarkable sale of 86,000 units in China. The industry remains optimistic about sustained demand from this pivotal market.”

General FAQs

What is the most valuable luxury brand in the world for 2020?

The most valuable luxury brand in the world for 2020 is Porsche. With a value of USD$33.91 billion, up from USD$29.34 billion in 2020, the brand has secured top spot once again.

What is the most valuable luxury watch brand in the world?

According to the 2020 Brand Finance index, the most valuable luxury watch brand in the world is Rolex, with a valuation of USD$7.87 billion. The brand is the most valuable watch specialist, however, luxury brands Hermes and Cartier are worth more.

How much is Louis Vuitton worth?

According to the 2020 Brand Finance index, French brand Louis Vuitton is valued at USD$16.47 billion, up from USD$13.57 billion in 2019.