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Interview richard branson

Sir Richard Branson Gave Me His Billion Dollar Daily Routine

Have you ever wondered what you would do with billions of dollars? It’s a question every person on the planet has entertained at one point in their life. While most of us may never grasp such fortune, individuals like Sir Richard Branson have scaled the peaks of the money mountain owing to their entrepreneurial brilliance and unyielding determination.

Nevertheless, what truly perplexes me about Branson and others of his ilk is their unwavering work ethic, irrespective of their success. I’m confident I’m not alone in this quandary. If handed a billion dollars, my immediate inclination would be to buy a golf course, vanishing from the world to finesse my chipping skills for eternity. But then again, perhaps that disposition epitomises the mindset of someone who won’t ascend to the billion-dollar realm.

While money undoubtedly fuels their drive, there’s evidently a deeper impetus propelling the likes of Branson.

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Sir richard branson welcomes virgin voyages to australia
Sir Richard Branson welcomes Virgin Voyages to Australia | Image: Virgin Voyages

At 73, the iconic business magnate recently graced Australia, championing his latest venture, The Resilient Lady cruise ship. For those following the news, Branson’s media and marketing blitz might have seemed as if his financial existence hinged on its success. One might assume he has more leisurely pursuits at this stage of his life. Yet, there he was, embarking on a promotional crusade as though it were his initial foray into the business world.

This led me to ponder why he persists in grinding as if he’s a newcomer on the scene. Why would a man of such staggering success in the twilight of his life be in Sydney, vigorously advocating for a cruise ship and engaging in interviews with a novice like me? Is it an insatiable love for the game? Is he conceivably facing financial woes (clearly not)? Who can say? Why does he continue to exert such relentless effort?

I recall an article from 2022 where Branson disclosed how he sustains his drive, emphasising his insatiable hunger to unearth something novel. He invoked a quote by Australian theologian Desmond Ford: “To change your mind is the best evidence you have one.” This ethos prevents stagnation, professing, “In almost every conversation I have, I’m reminded by how much I still have to learn. I find this really exciting, and it’s something that gets me out of bed in the morning”.

Thankfully, his enduring passion for hustling, even at his age, paved the way for young(ish) journalists like me to hop aboard his new vessel and glean a few key insights. According to his aides, Branson is obsessed with exercise, always opting for stairs over elevators – even on his own ship.

Given my intermittent struggles with energy levels, I was curious about his daily regimen and how he sustains focus in his seventh decade of life. Could it be some exclusive billionaire elixir he guzzles each morning, forever beyond the reach of the rest of us? If so, that would conveniently absolve my occasional laziness. However, my conversation with the British tycoon unveiled a simpler yet intricate truth: Discipline and constant movement.

Now, yes, his routine exudes billionaire vibes. And while the average person might not be able to replicate it precisely, it remains an inspiring testament nonetheless. Take a look below.

Branson structures his daily routine around physical activities and productivity, emphasising the importance of staying active to optimise his time. He starts early, waking up around 6:00am to engage in tennis matches, “playing somebody better than myself every morning.” This routine continues with daily kite-surfing to “get away from the phone and the iPad”.

Branson’s mornings further involve avoiding digital distractions by having a “personal assistant type his emails while he walks around the island”, dictating his responses. He continues movement throughout the day, incorporating short 30-minute gym sessions focusing on “weights, bands, and squats”. Evening activities often include more kite-surfing and tennis, with the addition of extreme bike rides twice a week.

Despite the substantial time invested in these activities, Branson finds this routine integral to his productivity, claiming it “frees up an additional three to four hours each day”. Like a true salesman, he also took the opportunity for a quick plug, saying, “If I’m in Sydney, I’ll pop into the Virgin Active Health Club, which is just over the road and if in Melbourne, the same and so we’re lucky that as I travel the world, we have clubs in most ports.”

When I asked him about the importance of fitness in his routine, he replied: “It’s critical, so I try to make it fun.”

If the key to long-term performance is never stopping, perhaps it’s time to buy one of those treadmill desks for the office.

Sir richard branson welcomes virgin voyages to australia
Image: Virgin Voyages

While on the topic of self-development, I inquired about the most impactful advice he had ever received. Rather than a quote from his affluent circle of friends, he shared a simple yet profound piece of wisdom passed down by his parents during his formative years.

Richard Branson reflected, “I believe the best advice I received was from my parents. If I ever spoke ill of anyone, they would send me or my sisters to the mirror, asking us to reflect for 10 minutes on how our words reflected on ourselves. This lesson instilled in us the habit of seeking the best in everyone. By doing so, we not only bring out the best in others but also, as a leader, it becomes particularly crucial. Parents’ advice often holds the most weight.”

I can vividly envision my mom nodding in agreement with a smirk as she reads these wise words.

Sir richard branson welcomes virgin voyages to australia
Image: Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages is the first travel brand within the Virgin Group to venture into the Australian market since Virgin Australia (formerly Virgin Blue) debuted there in 2000. On December 11th, The Resilient Lady will embark on her inaugural voyage, setting sail on the Aussie MerMaiden route to Tasmania, making stops in Burnie and Hobart. To learn more about booking a trip, visit the Virgin Voyages website.