Apple Park, Faithfully Recreated in LEGO

The LEGO Apple Park is a faithful recreation of the technology company’s new corporate headquarters. Master LEGO craftsman, Spencer Rezkalla, posted pictures of his project on Flickr. The LEGO Apple Park is created in a 1:650 scale and was based on amateur drone footage taken as the park was built. (To put that scale in perspective, at 1:650 scale, the 175 acre campus comes out to 19 square feet.) The LEGO version took over two years to build. Some 85,000 LEGO pieces were used, including 1,647 trees and 28,500 square studs. All told, the LEGO Apple Park weighs 77.5 pounds.

lego apple park side view

Spencer’s dedication to detail has led to the LEGO model including all the details of the actual campus. For example, you’ll find the Steve Jobs Theater with its circular glass walls. The solar panels used to power the actual campus are also depicted, as well as the tunnels that employees use. The historic Glendenning Barn, the 100-year-old barn that stood on the site before the campus was built but was preserved by Apple, is also depicted.

lego apple park natural aerial view

Rezkella, an automotive engineer, has built many different LEGO models at 1:650 scale, including high-rises like New York’s Flatiron and Seagram Building, and Seattle’s Space Needle.

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