Everything is Awesome with the Nine Lego Furniture

You wouldn’t expect an Italian design studio to come up with furniture that is Lego compatible, but that’s exactly what Nine Associates has done. Their line of storage furniture comes covered with studs that are compatible with Lego’s interlocking system. The name of the line itself—Stüda—reveals that the compatibility is indeed intentional. The surfaces are covered in a material called Corian and allow for an unlimited amount of customization to the pieces. Kids and adults alike can add Lego components to the furniture to create unique looks, or just for the fun of it. The possibilities are wide open. Youc an use the Lego-compatible system to attach vases, photo frames, bowls, and charging stations, or you can leave messages. There are plenty of colors to choose from and the designs of the pieces are universal enough to look nice in any home.

 nine lego furniture covered material called corian

For AFOLs—Adult Fans of Legos—the furniture will be making its debut at the Milan Design Week.

Check it out

 nine lego furniture using kids

 nine lego furniture side view

 nine lego furniture attach vases

 nine lego furniture photo frames

 nine lego furniture for stylish

 nine lego furniture design photo by people

 nine lego furniture kids made somethings

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