Thrills, Chills and Sunday Grills Covered with Toto’s Grill Oven

Ever wanted to combine the pizza-making excellence of a brick oven with the steak-searing hear of a flame grill? Toto have done the hard work for you, making this hybrid of two of the best modes for cooking outdoors.

cook outdoor toto's grill oven

At 63 inches long, the unit is divided evenly in half, with one dedicated to ovens for bread and pizzas, while the other is for grilling anything you desire. The oven cooks at up to 500 degrees celcius, while the grill has an optional embers box for wood, or a tray for charcoal, allowing you to cook effectively with both materials and not cause a huge mess and hassle when switching between them. There are also stainless steel cook decks, grill burner, oven burner and grid accessories allowing you to do just about anything you would do on a stove on the grill side cook top as well. With drawers beneath the oven, everything you need to cook on the Toto can be stored inside the whole thing—making it a self-sufficient station, as long as you bring the food and fuel for the fire.

toto's grill oven cook deck

Think about it: everyone has a grill. But no one has a grill oven, at least not yet. You could always grill meat, but also being able to make pizzas in a ceramic lined, real world brick oven? It’ll make your backyard the favorite place for friends by far.

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Home Icon is now the exclusive Australian distributor for the sensational and sleek Toto Grill Oven. If you would like to be one of the first to buy the Toto Grill Oven, or make an enquiry, please contact Home Icon on 03 90928566 or send an email to [email protected]

 pizza outdoor toto's grill oven

cook pan on toto's grill oven

view meter toto's grill oven cook deck

complected outdoor chicken toto's grill oven

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