Rolla Bottle Stands Tall, Rolls Small

Rolla Bottle deserves a place in your camping bag or gym duffel. Why? Because the Australian made bottle rolls up to 1/6 of its original size saving you precious storage space. Or if you like to travel light, Rolla Bottle can fit in a pocket, weighing just 140g on empty. When full, its 700ml of innovative drinking vessel.

Rolla Bottle is made from premium durable silicone, meaning it won’t break, dent, tear or scratch. The silicone is flexible, so it’s also freezer friendly. Plus, each bottle is backed by a lifetime no-leak guarantee.

roll up innovative drink bottle in hand

So it’s probably time you (and me) ditch the single-use bottles. They’re expensive anyway, and a severe waste of plastic. The eco-conscious reader will also be pleased to hear that the founders of Rolla Bottle created Jellyfish 10 – a program to which they donate 10% of all profits to clean ocean initiatives. Every Rolla Bottle carries the Jellyfish 10% symbol to keep you connected to the clean ocean commitment.

Rolla Bottles are available in dozens of different colours You can mix and match the lids. Each bottle costs $25 making it a reasonably priced accessory for your next outdoor adventure or trip to the gym. Or, you could always buy one for a friend.

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