Snow Peak’s Titanium Sake Set

When camping, you have important decisions to make. For instance will you be sipping on beer, whisky or wine? Sure, there are other things to consider like where should you set up your tent or what’s the best way to avoid bears, but let’s be honest your drink of choice is probably the most important. When making that decision, outdoor brand Snow Peak asks that you consider a beverage that usually goes overlooked by campers (at least the ones outside Japan): delicious sake. And with the Snow Peak Snow Peak’s Titanium Sake Set, they’ve made drinking sake in the wilderness that much easier.

peak titanium bottle and cup

Perhaps inspired by Japanese design itself, the Snow Peak Sake Bottle is both simple and superb. It hosts a sleek, silver body of pure titanium with a protective single wall. Fill it with sake and put in the fridge and then take it out when ready. The durable bottle will keep the sake chilled and safely stored until you’re ready to drink.

peak titanium double wall cup

Naturally, you don’t want to drink that sake straight out of the bottle–that would be downright unruly. Sold separately is a Snow Peak Titanium Sake Cup. It’s double walled and able to hold either hot or cold sake. Like the bottle, it’s brilliantly sturdy. Also available is a Neoprene sleeve made for even more temperature retention and safety.

So next time you’re camping or just kicking it at home, consider sake. And if you’re a whisky man through and through, that titanium bottle will still do you just right so fill ‘er up.

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peak titanium bottle simple and superb

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