Trakkadu 450 S Redefines the Campervan

My partner and I have discussed travelling around Australia, visiting all the sites and everything in between. She wants to go all out. Renting a big Winnebago with all the bells and whistles. I’d be happy throwing a tent and mattress in the back of my ute and camping under the stars (weather permitting). Since we are unable to agree upon transport or accommodation, talks have broken down, and now we’ll probably end up in Bali or something.

Then I’m sent a press release about something called Trakkadu 450 S. It’s the latest premium campervan from Sydney-based company Trakka and the first in its new sports range. The vehicle is very nice. It’s not too big, not too small and potentially a perfect middle ground. Unfortunately, it’s out of our price range. Still, a guy can dream.

trakkadu 450 s van open door

The Trakkadu 450 S is built upon a converted Volkswagen T6. It combines a 7-speed automatic DSG transmission and 150kW bi-turbo diesel engine with 450Nm of torque, redefining what a campervan looks and feels like to drive. Trakka says the VW van offers excellent traction on dirt roads, as well as steep, slippery wet conditions like snow and ice. It sure sounds like there won’t be many environments this camper can’t handle.

The vehicle’s exterior has been upgraded to better handle the great outdoors. This includes brighter LED headlights, stronger alloy wheels, electric sliding door and heat insulated tinted windows. There’s also a heavy duty protection plate to keep the rear bumper scratch-free when loading and unloading the rear. The Trakkadu decals make it go faster.

inside trakkadu premium camper van

Inside, you have a hot water system, fridge, diesel stove (yes, diesel), and a 38L grey water tank. The rear seats and table fold away to create space for the cosy double bed. The anthracite roof raises to allow standing and the flush roof-mounted 120-watt solar panel prolongs remote camping.

Another impressive feature of the cabin is its mission control. The LCD touchscreen situates everything you need to know in one convenient location. I’m talking battery and water tank levels, as well as internal and external temperatures. You can also use the touchscreen to turn on and off all of the vehicle’s systems with a single press.

Potential buyers can expect all the connectivity, comfort and safety features expected of a Volkswagen, plus additional grab handles, customised extra-sturdy fabrics and storage space. In case you were wondering. That colour. It’s called Turmeric Yellow.

trakka’s latest handles

When camping, I focus on where I’ll sleep and how I’ll keep the beer cold. Trakka’s latest handles those essential tasks with ease. Trakkadu 450 S offers more comfort and amenities than some inner-city apartments.

With a price tag of just over $140k, you would have to be serious about your holiday-making. If that sounds like you, see the Trakkadu 450 S in all its glory and the rest of Trakka’s offerings at the Sydney Camping Lifestyle Expo September 20 – 23 2018.

Check it out

trakkadu 450 s side view

trakkadu 450 s open door

trakkadu 450 s back side

image trakkadu 450 s solar panel

inside table Trakkadu 450 S

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