Hop Inside a LEGO 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback

No one quite extends and expands their product line like LEGO. The tiny building-block manufacturer recently has come out with a 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback model and it looks amazing.

hop inside lego 1968 ford mustang fastback box

This kit allows the builder to create a LEGO Speed Champions version of a classic car. Ideal for display, racing, or showing-off, the Fastback model features a mini-figure cockpit, detachable windscreen, rubber treaded wheels with golden rims, and of course down to the smallest detail, authentic design elements.

This tiny construction set includes a mini-figure racer, and a timing board to act out our intense racing scenarios.

Like almost all LEGO models, as impressive as the pictures look, this build looks better in person. From the era-appropriate headlamps to the golden hue of the wheels, LEGO ensured that this car looks exactly as it should and what’s even nicer is how affordable the complete set it. For less than 15 USD, you can take it home today.

Check it out

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