Sony Vision-S Concept Car Makes Surprise Debut at CES

As if you didn’t already know, anything is possible these days. For proof, look no further than the Sony Vision-S, an electric prototype car that made its surprise debut at CES 2020. Given the brand’s thoroughly established background in technology, it’s no surprise that this futuristic ride comes fully loaded with all sorts of forward-thinking features. That includes 33 different sensors within and without, “360 Reality Audio,” and a brilliant panoramic screen.

Thanks to a newly designed EV platform—which includes a compact and flexible powertrain—Sony’s Vision-S hosts a long wheelbase and best-in-class cabin. According to the brand, that same EV platform can be used to power other types of vehicles, including SUVs and MPVs. The car also uses new E/E architecture to deliver over-the-air system updates and constant 5G connectivity.

Sony concept car interior

Anticipating an era of self-driving vehicles, the Vision-S cultivates a “Safety Cocoon” concept, employing its spread of sensors to provide absolute peace of mind. With all the extra time on your hands, entertainment will be key and Sony is more than happy to abide. A veritable entertainment system on wheels, the car’s field of sound, sprawling displays, and intuitive user-interfaces will offer endless hours of engagement. While far more concept than reality, the Vision-S still makes for a promising glimpse of potential things to come. Look out, Tesla.

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Sony Vision s concept car overhead

Sony Vision S side

Sony Vision S rear